Burt Preston

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Real Identity: Burt Preston
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Originally born in Gotham City, Burt Preston became the head of a major company responsible for an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The spill was attributed to inferior equipment and a lack of safeguards. Unaccounted for was the death of marine life in the Gulf. Preston and his company got off essentially scot free. As the spill moved away from the public eye, Preston took his family to Gotham for a vacation after his son persuaded him. Professor Pyg anticipated Preston would book his favored establishment, the Gotham Arms and planned an attack in conjunction with two breaches of other buildings, the Gotham City Stock Exhange and Larby's Distribution Center. After being driven over the Sprang Bridge to the Arms, the Preston's checked in with the manager. Pyg drove right into the lobby and cornered the family. Batman tried to intervene but was knocked out by an explosion. Preston tried to offer money to Pyg but Pyg held them at gunpoint. He ordered Preston and his wife to walk off the ledge of the roof to serve as an example for their son. Batman came to and saved the family.