Jocelyn Kilroy

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Real Identity: Jocelyn Kilroy
Affiliations: Contagion Research Center
Appearances: Sacrifice and Twist
Powers/Skills: Administration
Voiced By: Beth Tapper

Jocelyn Kilroy is the Executive Director of the Contagion Research Center. In her spare time, Kilroy trains as a tri-athlete. After the League of Assassins broke into the center and released a vial of Calibosix toxin, Kilroy approached Lieutenant Gordon with approval from the Mayor's office to inititate breach protocol. Gordon did not believe the situation had escalated that far yet. Kilroy only wanted to protect public safety from an epidemic and didn't think Batman's life was worth waiting on. Gordon managed to convince the Mayor to rescind his approval but Kilroy retaliated by gaining the Governor's authorization.

Kilroy ran against District Attorney Harvey Dent in the special mayoral election to succeed Marion Grange. Kilroy ran on a platform highlighting Dent's frivolous use of millions of tax dollars to chase Batman. She presented herself as a leader aimed to seize a brighter future for Gotham City's citizens. In light of Dent's set back at the Armory, Acting Mayor David Hull was confident he would defeat Kilroy in the race. Dent and Anarky broke into Kilroy's apartment and drafted an email announcing the end of her campaign. When Kilroy returned home, they forced her to comply and send the email.