Michael Holt

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Real Identity: Michael Holt
Appearances: Hunted
Appearances (Comics): Law & (Dis)order
Powers/Skills: Business
Voiced By: Gary Anthony Williams

Michael Holt is a wealthy industrialist in Gotham City. Holt was one of the main investors in the purchase of the Keystone Wetlands. Some time later, while looking over Professor Pyg and Mister Toad's cryptic video, Batman noticed more than one mantle. He isolated a reflection off Pyg's blunderbuss and discovered Holt was another target. Batman caught up to Holt in the Batmobile and attempted to save him from Pyg and Toad. However, a blast from their steam car disabled both the Batmobile and Holt's car. The unconscious Holt was strapped down to the steam car and taken away. He later tried to buy his freedom but to no avail. During an escape attempt, Holt showed some compassion and tended to the injured Alfred Pennyworth.