David Hull

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Real Identity: David Hull
Appearances: Twist
Powers/Skills: Politics
Voiced By: James Patrick Stuart

David Hull was the Deputy Mayor of Gotham City in the Grange administration. During Grange's leave of absence, Hull ascended to the title of Acting Mayor until a special election chose the next Mayor. Instead of making an decision on his own, Hull authorized District Attorney Harvey Dent to do what he thought best in regard to the Blackgate Penitentiary riot. After Dent was seriously injured in the Armory, Hull took his place in the mayoral race and was confident on winning. Hull promised to keep the seat warm for Dent until he was recovered and ready to run again in the next election cycle. Hull visited Dent at the Gotham Hospital then left for a campaign donor party. Dent left the hospital and forced Jocelyn Kilroy, the other contender for Mayor, to step down. Hull ran unopposed. Dent then convinced Hull to declare martial law then allow the Gotham City Police Department and Special Crimes Unit to find and execute Batman. Commissioner Gordon refused to comply. Dent urged Hull to relieve Gordon but he hestitated. Gordon quit and turned his badge in then stormed off.