Marion Grange

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Real Identity: Marion Grange
Appearances: Broken, Darkness, Nexus, Games, Unique, and Hero
Appearances (Comics): Law & (Dis)order
Powers/Skills: Law and Politics
Voiced By: CCH Pounder

Marion Grange was the Gotham City District Attorney. She was involved in the Dumpler case but was unable to prosecute Tobias Whale without Humphry Dumpler's testimony. Grange was later kidnapped by Dumpler and imprisoned in a giant blue soldier then placed across from a red one that held Donovan Baker, a financial advisor. Batman intervened and diverted cannon fire so the two soldiers wouldn't shoot each other. Grange went on to become Mayor of Gotham City. After the League of Assassins triggered the release of Calibosix at the Contagion Research Center, the facility's executive director Jocelyn Kilroy obtained authorization from the Mayor's Office to initiate breach protocol. Lieutenant Gordon observed Batman on the center's security feed and put in a call to the Mayor to revoke authorization. During Magpie's escape from Blackgate Penitentiary and 12 hour crime spree, Grange had approved construction of luxury apartments in Old Gotham.

Mayor Grange, along with the Governor and Police Commissioner, were contacted by Ra's Al Ghul and issued demand to allow Gotham to be turned into a puppet state with the League of Assassins in control. They watched as the Police Commissioner was killed for objecting. Ra's gave Grange and the Governor until sunrise to come to a final decision. Six months after Ra's and the League were defeated, Grange was about to leave her office for a session with the Chamber of Commerce when her assistant Karen presented a funding request from District Attorney Harvey Dent for a special crimes unit tasked to deal with the 'mask and cape crisis.' Grange put off looking at the request, disgusted with Dent's election into office. Oddly, the request began to ignite. Grange grabbed Karen and rushed out of the office just as it exploded. Grange got away with just an injury to her right shoulder. After the bomber, Anarky, was dealt with, Grange decided to approve Dent's request. She believed giving him the funding would lead to his reptutation to be tarnished and he would have no chance at running for Mayor in the next election.

The Fightback Movement's arrival in Gotham City prompted the Mayor to direct the Police Commissioner to assign his officers to protect Stagg Industries and other Fightback targets until the crisis passed. On November 3, the Mayor attended Simon Stagg's party at his corporate headquarters. Bruce Wayne spoke briefly to the Mayor and inquired if there were enough officers to fulfill the order as they were already stretched thin trying to capture Batman. Stagg interrupted the converstation to introduce his new executive Robert Catesby, Anarky in disguise. Wayne left the party early without saying goodbye to the Mayor. When it was brought up by Alfred Pennyworth, Wayne replied the only thing he could do to insult the Mayor was to bounce a check to her campaign.

Mayor Grange was kidnapped by Humpty Dumpty while she walked to her car in the City Hall parking lot. She awoke seated at a table with Commissioner Gordon and Tobias Whale. Revived by Katana, Grange was soon trapped in a giant egg-like contraption. The others managed to solve the first clue before Grange suffocated. Gordon did his best to keep Grange safe as the team progressed. Eventually, Whale ran off on his own when it became clear Humpty wouldn't let them win. Grange gave chase and tried to order him to stop but they stumbled into another room armed with obstacles. She soon realized she was kidnapped for wrongly prosecuting Ernie Croskey for weapons smuggling. After the incident, Grange went on leave and left Deputy Mayor Hull in charge. A month had passed and Grange was still on leave. Dent believed she would soon resign and it was time to take his bid for the next Mayor with negative campaigning. Grange appeared at a charity dinner. While leaving among Bruce Wayne, she witnessed Dr. Spangle try to cross the street to them and drugged by two assailants that turned out to be clones of the Manhunter.

At a morning press conference, Grange made her leave of absence permanent and officially resigned as Mayor of Gotham City. Grange's decision triggered a need for a special election to name a new mayor in the coming months. Deputy Mayor Hull took the role of acting mayor until then.