Dr. Jason Burr

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Real Identity: Dr. Jason Burr
Affiliations: Wayne Industries and League of Assassins
Appearances: Safe, Control, Instinct, and Fall
Powers/Skills: Science and Technology
Voiced By: Matthew Lillard

Dr. Jason Burr is a brilliant scientist hired by Bruce Wayne to work on the Ion Cortex project. Others coveted the power of the Cortex and during a press conference at Wayne Industries, the League of Assassins attempted to kidnap him. Tatsu Yamashiro and Batman intervened on Burr's behalf. Burr was smitten with Yamashiro. Bruce Wayne didn't believe police custody was the best form of protection for Burr and invited him to stay over at Wayne Manor. Under Wayne's orders, Yamashiro had to keep watch over Burr. He attempted to converse with her but his interest in Jazz music did little to interest her. Silver Monkey led a unit of assassins to take Burr from the manor. Yamashiro suspected as much and moved Burr. Batman, meanwhile, sent a message to Alfred Pennyworth to move Burr into the panic room. In the aftermath, Burr was kept safe and he rushed to Yamashiro's aid, even though she didn't want it. While Burr was moved to a new lab, Yamashiro was tasked with shadowing him and making sure the League wouldn't try again.

Dr. Burr continued his work on the Ion Cortex and secretly completed a somewhat working prototype. It was much smaller than the final version and had a limited range. As part of his dinner date with Tatsu Yamashiro, Dr. Burr used the prototype to manipulate the energy in the building across and project her image. The League of Assassins dispatched Cypher to glean the designs of the Ion Cortex from Burr's mind. He grabbed Burr as he conversed with Yamashiro and disappeared into the duct system. Batman and Yamashiro pursued. After repeated attempts, Cypher vowed he could take the secrets of the Ion Cortex one way or another. He threatened to fry Burr's mind but Yamashiro kissed Burr and the resulting power surge forced Cypher to release him. Burr was taken to Gotham Hospital to recover but suffered from residual synaptic corruption. Burr was released and he went back to work on the Ion Cortex with some lingering headaches.

Yamashiro went to Burr and had him analyze a mysterious resin. Burr acted oddly and tried to kiss Yamashiro. Burr called back Yamashiro to apologize and revealed the resin was an altered and explosive form of a rare phosphorus found on the skin of an African frog. After Professor Pyg and Mister Toad were defeated, Yamashiro called Burr back to check on him. Burr got her to agree to dinner at the lab again. After he hung up, Burr reported to Lady Shiva that the Ion Cortex would soon be in the hands of the League of Assassins. Lady Shiva was pleased and welcomed him into the fold. When Burr finished the Cortex, he asked Wayne to come to his lab when he tested it. While Wayne entered the lab, a set of timed explosives would go off. While authorities were busy looking for a body, Burr would escape Wayne Industries on a company truck with three League ninjas and the Cortex. No one would notice the Cortex was missing. Wayne, Yamashiro, and Pennyworth escaped injury and after an hour, discovered an unscheduled freight departure from Loading Dock 4 cleared with Burr's code.

Since all Wayne Industries vehicles were outfitted with stealth GPS tracking systems, Burr would lead Batman straight to the League of Assassins. While on route, Burr isolated the GPS frequency and jammed it. Batman and Katana trailed Burr's truck to the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation. Inside, Dr. Burr took the Ion Cortex and followed Lady Shiva to the service elevator where he met Ra's Al Ghul. The corrupted Burr was promised anything he wanted if he succeeded. Burr wanted his own island. He inserted the Cortex into the central grid hub and activated it before Batman and Katana arrived. Burr pulled a knife on Batman but Katana kissed Burr. Burr regained control of himself and noted feeling pushed by something. Batman advised him to quickly disable the Cortex before Cypher's influence took over again. Before Burr could do so, Lady Shiva took his soul with the Soul Taker sword.