Dr. Spangle

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Real Identity: Dr. Horace Spangle
Affiliations: The Council
Appearances: Unique
Powers/Skills: Genetics
Voiced By:

Dr. Horace Spangle is a leading genetics expert that came to work for Norack, a cover for the Council. He discovered the Council was planning to take over the world with clones of a former government operative codenamed Manhunter. Spangle freed Manhunter and armed him with a gun that could disintegrate the clones with a toxin. Spangle and Manhunter agreed the Council would go after Manhunter's daughter Dr. Ava Kirk. Spangle sought out the help of Bruce Wayne, a childhood friend of Dr. Kirk, while Manhunter would focus on destroying his clones. Spangle, however, was drugged by two clones before he could reach Wayne. He went comatose but was expected to recover. Batman, Katana, and Alfred Pennyworth questioned why a geneticist was working for a weather research company called Norack and were drawn into the conflict. After the Council's leader Dr. Mykros was captured, Batman learned Spangle was awake and ready to leave Gotham with Manhunter to track down any remaining clones.