Dr. Kirk

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Real Identity: Dr. Ava Kirk
Appearances: Unique, Hero, and Epitaph
Powers/Skills: Medicine
Voiced By: Tisha T. Banker

Dr. Ava Kirk is the daughter of Paul Kirk and a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. She recognized Wayne was unique and not like the other rich boys of Gotham. As time passed, they lost touch. Kirk became a doctor and set up clinics overseas for the poor in places like Somalia and Lebanon. She recently returned to Gotham City several months after the black out caused by the League of Assassins. Kirk split her time at a clinic and at the Gotham Hospital. Kirk was completely unaware her father was still alive, was the Manhunter, and he was held prisoner by a criminal organization called the Countil for 20 years. After he escaped, the Council planned to kidnap and use her as leverage. Two months later, Kirk encountered Wayne while she closed up her clinic for the night. They went inside to talk but were attacked by Manhunter clones only to be saved from afar by the real Manhunter. For her safety, Wayne took Kirk back to his manor and explained a genetics expert named Dr. Spangle claimed her father was still alive. Kirk didn't understand but agreed to stay in a guest room until everything was sorted out.

Manhunter clones invaded Wayne Manor and kidnapped Dr. Kirk while Batman and Katana were in the city investigating a lead. Dr. Mykros, the leader of the Council, held Dr. Kirk hostage and demanded Manhunter turn himself over at dawn on the Gotham Bridge. As a signal, when Manhunter hugged Dr. Kirk goodbye, Batman, Katana, and Alfred Pennyworth would begin their assault on the Manhunter clones. Dr. Mykros took this into account and called in more clones then strapped explosives to Dr. Kirk. Manhunter surrended. After Mykros left with Manhunter, Dr. Kirk was tossed over to Batman. Manhunter turned out to be a hacked Manhunter clone under his control. The kill switch for the explosives was crushed and Mykros was captured. While Dr. Spangle and Manhunter left Gotham to hunt down any remaining clones, Batman agreed to watch over Dr. Kirk in case the Council tried anything again. Back at Wayne Manor, Dr. Kirk admitted to Wayne she was glad they found each other again.

Wayne and Kirk conspired to set up Dane Lisslow and Tatsu Yamashiro but the date ended when Lisslow was abruptly called into work. Kirk turned her attention to her own relationship. She proposed dancing and Wayne smoothly requested some jazz music to be played. Their moment was interrupted by a group of armed men seeking to rob the restaurant and its patrons. Deathstroke arrived at the scene and took the men down. Some time later, Wayne was suddenly assassinated by Bad Batman. Four days later, Kirk attended Wayne's funeral.