Ernie Croskey

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Real Identity: Ernie Croskey
Appearances: Games
Powers/Skills: Navigation
Voiced By: Wade Williams

Ernie Croskey is the captain of the Flying Fox, a vessel based out of Gotham Harbor. Unknown to him, Tobias Whale purchased weapons from the League of Assassins and had them hidden on the Flying Fox. Katana was the middleman and was responsible for loading the weapons on board but never met Crosky in person. Batman learned of the shipment and tipped off James Gordon. The police swarmed the Flying Fox. Since Whale never took possession of his smuggled weapons, Gordon had Croskey arrested. Humphrey Dumpler, Whale's accountant, knew Croskey was taking the fall but did nothing. He was prosecuted by Marion Grange, convicted of weapons smuggling and sent to Blackgate Penitentiary.

Some time later, Humpty Dumpty sought to correct his past mistake. He kidnapped Batman, Katana, Tobias Whale, Commissioner Gordon, Mayor Grange, and Ernie Croskey. Whale forced those connected to Croskey to navigate a sealed building armed with deathtraps and obstacles while solving clues. Once they reached the end, Batman deduced they all had a part of Croskey's wrongful imprisonment. Whale was pleased and woke Croskey up with smelling salts. He presented a lit match to Croskey and prompted him to light the cannon and get his revenge. Croskey refused and stated he only wanted to be back with his family again. Batman pursued Humpty Dumpty and defeated him. Croskey was exonerated and Whale was charged with obstruction of justice and weapons smuggling.