Creed Courtman

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Real Identity: Creed Courtman
Appearances: Choices
Powers/Skills: Athletics
Voiced By: Yuri Lowenthal

Creed Courtman is a student-athlete and classmate of Barbara Gordon. He was secretly a fan of her Bat Channel Blog, on all things Batman. Afraid she would say no, Courtman waited until after school and asked her out at the Gordon residence. They settled on a date the next day and he would pick her up at 7. Courtman promised to take good care of her but Commissioner Gordon sent two detectives to monitor the date. The date suddenly took a weird turn when she requested to be taken to the Ninth Street terminal. He then helped lure a transit authority worker out the main hub office with a fake story about kids trashing the station. Courtman doubled back to the office and was suddenly kissed by Gordon. They were soon joined by Killer Croc. Croc swatted Courtman aside and attacked her. Courtman's shoulder was dislocated but he did get to meet Batman so he was willing to give the date another try.