Joe Braxton

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Real Identity: Joe Braxton
Appearances: Secrets
Powers/Skills: Psychiatry and Technology
Voiced By: Ian James Corlett

Joe Braxton was part of a research team at Blackgate Penitentiary. They sought to find away to eradicate the criminal element out of people. Braxton invented a Mind Control Helmet that would accomplish this. Unfortunately, it could also wipe a person's memories clean. While the helmet had no effect on Lunkhead, it did on one Margaret Sorrow. She developed memory loss, invulnerablity, and a second independent personality. Magpie was born. Five years later, Magpie broke into Braxton's warehouse and stole the helmet. She then forced it onto Braxton and deleted his memories. When Braxton came to, he had no idea who he was. He was taken to Gotham General Hospital.