Wayne Industries

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Safe, Control, Instinct, Fall, and Reckoning
Appearances (Comics): Son of Man-Bat
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Wayne Industries is a publically traded company headquartered in Gotham City. The Wayne Industries building was designed by famous architect, William Benjamin. At one point, it traded for $181.90 a share under the ticker WYNE. Under Bruce Wayne's leadership, the company became renowned for doing good. Wayne Industries latest project was the Ion Cortex, a global A.I. energy regulator that could create a global energy surplus within five years of activation. The League of Assassins disrupted a press conference at Wayne Industries in an attempt to kidnap the project leader Dr. Jason Burr. Batman and Tatsu Yamashiro intervened and saved Burr but one assassin escaped. Cypher learned the layout of the company building through William Benjamin then made a move to kidnap Dr. Jason Burr from his laboratory. Batman initiated a lockdown and pursued Cypher along with Tatsu Yamashiro. Cypher forced Batman into surrendering the key card needed to unlock the building and fled underground.

Once Dr. Burr finished the Ion Cortex, he called Bruce Wayne to attend a test at the lab. Wayne took Tatsu Yamashiro and Alfred Pennyworth with him and walked right into a League of Assassins trap. The lab was rigged with explosives and detonated. Luckily, Wayne had already made sure the lab was isolated for security reasons and they made it out in time. Burr fled Wayne Industries with the Cortex and three ninjas in a company truck from Loading Dock 4. After Man-Bat promised to find a cure for his condition, Batman deliberately left an abandoned Wayne Industries lab, near the corner of Adams and Franklin, fully equipped for him to use. For months, Man-Bat operated out of the lab and gathered rare minerals for the antidote. Tim Quan saw Man-Bat entering the lab while on his way home. Thinking it was Batman, Quan followed and accidentally doused himself in Man-Bat serum. Transformed into a Man-Bat, Quan fled the lab and hid in an old factory next door. Batman checked in on the first Man-Bat, Dr. Langstrom, and compared notes. After looking through Quan's belongings, Batman had Katana trace Oracle's phone.