Gotham Sky Tram

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Tests and Hero
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Gotham Sky Tram was built from a converted wheelhouse and was considered an important aspect of Gotham's transportation revolution. In the present, Anarky chose it as his first big challenge to Batman. He rigged two gondalas to explode as they crossed each other. If Batman deactivated one bomb, the other would detonate. If he stopped them from moving, they would detonate. Batman diverted the trigger magnet's pull and prevented the circuit from closing. After Anarky fled the tram, Batman noticed Tatsu Yamashiro passed a test of her own and investigated the scene after finding Bruce Wayne's secret library.

Deathstroke kidnapped Harvey Dent and used him as bait to lure Batman into a final battle. Deathstroke commandeered one of the Gotham Sky Tram's gondalas and stopped it along the line. He hung Dent outside the gondala and waited. Batman arrived soon enough and was given a challenge - let Dent die or kill Deathstroke to save Dent. Either way, he would no longer be a hero. After a brief fight inside and atop the gondala, Batman ensnared Deathstroke and held onto Dent. Deathstroke cut the line holding him and fell to his alleged death.