Gotham Hospital

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Toxic, Control, Hero, and Twist
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Gotham Hospital is a public hospital in Gotham City. After Rex Mason was exposed to Project Metamorpho then saved by Batman, he was taken to Gotham Hospital to recover. Mason awoke to see Sapphire and Simon Stagg at this bedside. While excusing himself to the bathroom, he began to transform into Metamorpho. A police officer walked in and opened fire, prompting Mason to leap out of the window. After Batman and Tatsu Yamashiro rescued Dr. Burr from Cypher, he was taken to Gotham Hospital to recover.

Over six months after the black out, Dr. Ava Kirk joined the Gotham Hospital staff. When Katana was critically injured by Deathstroke, Batman took her to the hospital and approached Dr. Kirk in an elevator. Kirk agreed to help. She kept Katana's presence secret and didn't admit her as a patient. Kirk managed to convince Batman that Katana needed to stay for observation and rest. She would watch over Katana by herself. After being seriously injured from an explosion at the Armory, Harvey Dent was taken to Gotham Hospital. Dent was expected to recover but his face was disfigured. While trying to leave in secret, Dent was visited by Anarky.