Gotham Arms

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Appearances: Monsters
Powers: Not Applicable
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The Gotham Arms is a hotel in Gotham City. Burt Preston, a company executive, was a frequent patron of the Arms when he was in town. The Preston's booked the Arms' Deluxe Double Suite, providing an east view of the city, during a family vacation. Professor Pyg learned of the booking and planned to attack the family as they checked in. Pyg drove right into the lobby but Batman intervened. After knocking Batman out with an explosion, Pyg forced the Preston's up the stairwell to the roof. He forced Burt and his wife to walk to the edge but Batman recovered and stopped Pyg in time.

A new high rise named Gotham Arms was approved, among other luxury apartments, by Mayor Grange for construction in Old Gotham. Sapphire Stagg became a tenant at the Arms after it was finished. Rex Mason chose a nearby church as sanctuary and kept an eye on Stagg from afar. After an incident involving thugs wearing advanced battle suits was resolved, Batman confronted Stagg in her apartment. She invited him to try and prove her connection. Batman reiterated Rex Mason was did and warned her to stay away from Old Gotham then left the Arms. Mason, now Metamorpho, was watching Stagg from afar.