Fallpoint Underground Power Substation

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Fall, Darkness, and Reckoning
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Fallpoint Underground Power Substation is an electric company whose central grid hub feeds power to all of Gotham City. The League of Assassins plotted to utilize the Ion Cortex to black out Gotham. Batman and Katana tracked down Dr. Burr and pursued him out of Gotham and down an access road to the substation. Several ninjas emerged from the surrounding forest and assaulted the Batmobile with rocket propelled grenades then tried to kill Katana. Batman and Katana survived, regrouped and stormed the substation. Ra's Al Ghul, Lady Shiva, and Dr. Burr took the elevator and descended to the substation's central hub. As Burr inserted the Ion Cortex, Batman and Katana lept down the shaft rather than try to take the elevator. They tried to reason with Burr but Ra's ambushed them. Alfred Pennyworth arrived, armed with a rocket launcher, and saved Katana. He was forced to seal them off from the League and caused a partial cave-in. Ra's proceeded to use the Cortex and blacked out all of Gotham City.

Batman and Silver Monkey broke out of their prison cells and parted ways. Batman managed to create a backdoor into the Ion Cortex before the League converged on him. Silver Monkey saved Batman and directed him to a ventilation shaft at the end of the hall. Batman left Fallpoint just as Pennyworth and Yamashiro returned to save him and were captured. James and Barbara Gordon drove to Fallpoint in a stolen Gotham City Police Department Mobile Command Unit to get a signal, allowing Barbara to hack the Cortex. They were attacked by the League and forced to take a more direct approach. They infiltrated the substation where Barbara hardwired her laptop into Fallpoint's internal network. She succeeded and overloaded the Cortex. Meanwhile, Tobias Whale brought Batman to Fallpoint as a ruse but as predicted Whale turned on Batman. Batman dispatched Whale then proceeded to stall Ra's until the Cortex overloaded. Batman then released the souls imprisoned in the Soul Taker and they smothered Ra's, taking down deep below the substation.