The Cauldron

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Allies and Alone
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Cauldron is a one of the worst neighborhoods in Gotham City. It used to be an industrial park but after Gotham's financial crisis bankrupted many corporations, the area was abandoned. The Cauldron degenerated into a no man's land occupied by a group of criminals calling themselves the Ghosts. The police tried to restore order to the Cauldron years ago but made no progress. Since the Ghosts kept to themselves, the police essentially ignored the area. The border separating the Cauldron from the rest of the city is a wall of old cars. Tobias Whale allegedly began to stockpile stolen Stagg Industries weapons there.

After he was arrested for raiding a Stagg warehouse, Whale had Barbara Gordon kidnapped. Whale's enforcer Phosphorous Rex took her to the Cauldron and hid her in one of three warehouses. Since the Cauldron lacked electricity, Rex offered the Ghosts a tanker full of fuel in exchange for their help. Batman entered the Cauldron but was joined by Katana. They cleared two suspected warehouses then went after the last one while Lieutenant Gordon arrived with Whale in tow. The Gotham City Police Department got word of the skirmish and the chief wanted tactical in on a response. Batman and Katana defeated Rex and saved Barbara Gordon. Batman handcuffed Gordon as a cover story and left the area with Katana as the police arrived to rearrest Whale. Many months after the black out, amid the stand off at the Watson Building, Katana contacted Oracle to get a vehicle and meet her at the entrance to the Cauldron. Oracle brought a GCPD mobile command unit. Katana gifted her with a domino mask and they departed with Man Bat and Metamorpho.