Blackgate Penitentiary

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Attraction, Darkness, Reckoning, Monsters, Animal, and Doppelganger (dream)
Powers: Not Applicable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Blackgate Penitentiary is a maximum security prison complex in Gotham City. It is built like a fortress by design. Unlike the Gotham City Police Department, the Penitentiary appears to look the other way when Batman, and later his partner Katana, paid visits to drop off or speak with criminals. A research team, including Bethanie Ravencroft and Joe Braxton, conducted mind control experiments at Blackgate in order to erase the criminal traits for inmates. Lunkhead and Margaret Sorrow were two of the volunteers that participated in the experiments. After serving two out her ten year sentence, Sorrow was released from Blackgate. At some point, Lunkhead was also considered rehabilitated and released. Five years later, Sorrow, now Magpie, was incarcerated at Blackgate.

Some time later, two ninjas affiliated with the League of Assassins were sent to Blackgate following an incident at the Contagion Research Center. Lunkhead later stole a car, was caught by Batman, and taken back to Blackgate. While walking Lunkhead back to his prison cell, Batman excused himself to briefly talk to Magpie. She became infuriated with Katana's presence and determined Batman needed help. Magpie tricked Lunkhead into helping her escape. Ra's Al Ghul entered Blackgate during the city-wide power outage and had Tobias Whale, Cypher, Magpie, Phosphorous Rex, Professor Pyg, and Mister Toad freed from their cells to help deal with Batman. Six months or so later, Batman visited Simon Stagg in his cell after light's out to accuse him of the assaults in Old Gotham.

At some point, Killer Croc was imprisoned at Blackgate. He started from the bottom and fought his way to the top of the pecking order. He became the king of the Gate. After the Key was sent to Blackgate, Croc took him as his property but he got wind of Batman's arrival. A prison take over was instigated so Batman couldn't succeed in taking the Key. Deptuy Mayor Hull entrusted Harvey Dent to do what he thought was best. Dent ordered Commissioner Gordon to stand down. Katana entered the Gotham City Sewers below Blackgate and found the utility access tunnel eventually thanks to Barbara Gordon, who downloaded the prison schematic. Batman was forced to fight for the Key. He defeated Matatoa then challenged Killer Croc. Batman gained the upper hand and beat Croc senseless until Katana stopped him. Gordon threatened to issue a statement to the press and Dent gave in. The police stormed Blackgate with tear gas and non-lethal force. Batman, Katana, and the Key made their escape. Killer Croc did as well. The police took Blackgate and secured the Warden and guards. Inmates were reprocessed.