Stagg Lock

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (Comics): Law & (Dis)Order
Powers/Skills: Home Security
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Stagg Lock is a top of the line lock and burgular alarm combination in the Home Security Product Division of Stagg Industries. In addition to a bank-quality locking mechanism, it wirelessly networks all the locks through Stagg's servers to the Gotham Police Department. Anarky plotted to use the Stagg Lock for his own means and took on the disguise of Robert Catesby then infiltrated Stagg Industries as an executive officer.

Robert Catesby gave bonuses to workers at Simon Stagg's Fourth Street warehouse to speed up the product launch from December to November. As a result, around the clock shifts ran for three weeks. Aware in advance of protests conducted by the Fightback Movement, Catesby convinced Stagg to make the new system free to the public for the first month. On November 3, a price break was announced and Catesby predicted the Stagg Lock would be in over 90% of Gotham's homes by midnight the next day. He embedded an extra chipset in the central processor. Batman saw the connection to Guy Fawkes and had Alfred Pennyworth hack the lock's internal clock and speed it up to 11:58 pm. A recording of Anarky was set to play and sync with the lock to spring open. It was all part of Anarky's plan to ignite a war between the have and have-not. Pennyworth managed to block audio from Anarky's recordings and broadcast one done later by Batman. By the end of the week, Stagg recalled the locks.