Pyg and Toad's Steam Car

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Hunted, Reckoning, and Doppelganger
Appearances (Comics): The Rule of Three
Powers/Skills: Transportation and Projectile Blasts
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Professor Pyg and Mister Toad's primary mode of transportation is a steam car literally out of "The Wind in the Willows" but comes with a deadly addition, a cannon. In Gotham City, Pyg and Toad pursued Simon Stagg in their steam car and even drove straight into the ground floor of the Stagg Industries corporate office. They later chased after Michael Holt but were challenged by Batman. They tied Holt to the hood and drove off to Wayne Manor but ended up taking Alfred Pennyworth instead.

After Ra's Al Ghul released Pyg and Toad, they attacked Batman with the steam car to win a piece of Gotham City. Batman braked and the steam car zoomed past. Batman rammed into the steam car and watched as it spinned off the freeway. The car appeared to have exploded upon impact.