Project Metamorpho

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Toxic
Powers/Skills: Transmutation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Project Metamorpho is a toxic chemical cocktail created by Stagg Industries. Delivered in gas form, Project Metamorpho is designed to weaponize genetic tissue with the intent for military application. Simon Stagg envisioned a soldier in battle impervious to weather, bullets, fire; anything elemental, and being able to manipulate these elements as an offensive measure. The gases were never tested on humans and was not perfected. However, Stagg exposed security guard Rex Mason to it, in part to end his daughter's relationship with Mason. Batman responded to an internal alarm in Stagg Industries and activated emergency ventilators. A short time later, Mason transformed into Metamorpho. Batman analyzed a sample of Metamorpho and discovered the gas made his cellular structure completely unstable. Each mutation would leave his body more and more unstable. In a matter of time, he would die. Batman forced Stagg to give him access to Project Metamorpho so he could create an antidote. The antidote failed to cure Metamorpho and he vanished.