Tobias Whale

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances: Broken, Allies, Darkness, Reckoning, Games, and Animal
Appearances (Comic): Rough Seas, Tobias Awaits, and Suitable for Framing
Powers/Skills: Organized Crime
Voiced By: Michael Leon Wooley

Tobias Whale is a major mob leader in Gotham City. Lieutenant Gordon, of the Gotham City Police Department, declared war on Whale and tried to take him down. Gordon was on the verge of success after convincing mob accountant Humphry Dumpler to testify. However, Whale tasked his hitman Ice Pick Joe to silence Dumpler. After an attempt on his life, Dumpler was taken into protective custody but he escaped and went into hiding. Tobias Whale was recently hired by Anarky to smuggle weapons. He and his henchmen ran afoul of Batman at the Gotham Pier. Batman was captured in an electronic net but a sonic shriek was emitted when Whale attempted to have his cowl removed. Batman was thrown overboard but he cut through his restraints and was picked by Alfred in the Batsub. They took out Whale's ship and made sure to sink it deep so no one could dredge up the weapons then called harbor patrol to round up Whale's men. Whale escaped and returned to the pier, where he met up with Anarky. To Whale's surprise, Anarky still paid him for the job.

Tobias Whale was later acquitted of smuggling charges due to a lack of evidence and Lieutenant Gordon vowed justice would be served. After Humpty Dumpty kidnapped Ice Pick Joe and trapped him in a toy soldier, Batman questioned Whale. Whale admitted he thought Batman got to Joe a few nights ago. He then ordered his men to take care of Batman. Whale was then kidnapped from his office and imprisoned in a toy horse. Whale's financial advisor Donovan Baker and District Attorney Marion Grange were taken next. Batman later freed Whale from the horse. Whale ignored Batman's order to stay down and fled the castle grounds. After Simon Stagg was arrested, Whale begain raiding Stagg Industries warehouses and stealing weaponry. On his 5th looting in the past month, Whale was attacked by Batman and captured. Batman turned Whale over to the police. The police had been monitoring Whale's holdings and had him dead to rights. Whale's lawyer Milo Match countered and stated Gordon had four hours to release Whale, drop the prosecution, and drop all charges.

Lieutenant Gordon refused. Match made his move and kidnapped Barbara Gordon and held her hostage. At Batman's behest, Alfred Pennyworth locked onto tracers placed on Whale's men and located them in the Cauldron. Pennyworth suspected Whale was also hiding his stolen weapons there as well. Lieutenant Gordon learned of action at the Cauldron and took Whale with him. With just 60 seconds to midnight, Whale ordered Match to reveal his pyrokinetic powers. During the battle, Whale was knocked out when shelving fell on him. The police soon arrived on orders to re-arrest Whale. Batman devised a cover for Gordon to use in order to exonerate himself from illegally taking Whale out of his cell. Whale was acquitted around the time Magpie escaped from Blackgate Penitentiary. Whale remained in Blackgate as the city-wide outage caused by the League of Assassins was triggered. Ra's later chose to free Whale with five others to deal with Batman. Whale was insulted when Ra's offered a piece of the city as a reward since he believed he already owned the whole city.

Whale approached Batman peacefully and proposed an alliance. Whale brought the handcuffed Batman to the Fallpoint Underground Power Substation. As they agreed, Batman broke free and tossed Whale his grapnel gun. Whale turned on Batman and joined Ra's. Batman predicted this and detonated the gun. Whale was rendered unconscious. Whale was soon out on bail and celebrating. He was kidnapped by Humpty Dumpty and forced to work with Batman, Katana, Commissioner Gordon and Mayor Grange. It was revealed Whale was smuggling weapons to Gotham but Ernie Croskey, captain of the ship his weapons were hidden on, was arrested instead. Whale's bail was revoked and obstruction of justice and weapons smuggling were added to his list of charges.

Batman ran into Whale as he searched Blackgate for the Key. Whale directed him to look for "the king," noting he was just a VIP. Later, Batman was forced to fight for the Key. His first opponent was Matatoa. Whale warned Batman about Matatoa's delusions of immortality and nasty habit of eating his foes' hearts. Even Whale was shocked when Batman mercilessly beat Killer Croc into submission.

Two months after the smuggling incident at Gotham Pier, Batman partnered with Gordon in a bid to destroy the weapons on the scuttled ship and get Whale arrested. The ship had settled 250 feet below sea level just a few feet from the Sub-Atlantic Trench. Gordon hired a salvage company, with ties to Whale, to raise up the SS Blackfish. Whale took the bait and personally supervised the salvage operation 3.7 miles northeast of Gotham Sound. Batman burst out of a locker on the ship and engaged Whale's party while Katana remained on standby and Alfred Pennyworth applied an explosive to the salvage ship. Katana provided back up to Batman and cut Whale's scuba regulator. Unable to hold his breath for long, Whale ascended to the surface. The salvage ship exploded and rammed the sunken ship into the trench. Gordon was waiting aboard a harbor patrol boat and had Whale arrested for attempting to defraud the city of Gotham with a bogus salvage contract. Some time later, Whale became a target of Christine Banner and Battleaxe but Batman and Katana intervened before Banner could act.