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Real Identity: Anatoli Knyazev
Affiliations: KGB and Task Force X
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical Attributes, Armed Combat, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Nolan North

Anatoli Knyazev is a former KGB trained killer known as KGBeast. After the fall of the Soviet Union, he went on a 10 day rampage in Gotham killing over 100 people. He was captured by Batman but escaped by cutting one of his own arms off. He replaced it with a high velocity arm cannon with the capability of firing grenades, tear gas and smoke bombs.

KGBeast took on a contract assignment and dropped from a plane on his motorcycle. He fired his side car, an explosive, into the entrance of a U.S. military installation. KGBeast was surrounded and captured. He awoke in a white room with other super criminals and rammed a set of doors. Pleased with the dent he made, KGBeast declared he was leaving. Amanda Waller appeared and introduced them to Task Force X. KGBeast was not convinced by Waller's claims of a powerful nanotech bomb implanted at the base of their necks and didn't think she would kill them after going to the trouble of gathering them. Waller welcomed him to leave. As soon as KGBeast walked out the doorway, the explosive in his neck detonated and blew his head off.