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Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld News

News on Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld, a block on Cartoon Network. In most cases a link will accompany each headline back to the original article.

News on the DCAU originates from animation and comic book related news sites, personal staff forums or comic book conventions. Fans beware, in some cases, false news does get spread among the internet.

Amethyst: Princess of Gemworld News

  • November 15, 2011: Brianne Drouhard confirms she is working on a short about Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. She made the clip, seen in the commercial with color help came from Claire Lenth and video composite from Will Feng. potato farm girl Blog
  • February 27, 2012: Brianne Drouhard storyboarded two of the "New Teen Titans" shorts, and did character designs with Derrick Wyatt and Danny Kimanyen. A lot of the old "Teen Titans" crew helped out. Currently, Drouhard is full time doing designs on "Scooby Doo Mystery Inc." while finishing up some "Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld" on the side. Potato Farm Girl Blogspot
  • July 11, 2012: San Diego Comic Con 2012 DC Nation poster provides looks at Batman from Beware the Batman, Teen Titans Go!, and Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld. Comics Alliance Article
  • September 13, 2012: Dark Opal confirmed to be appearing in Amethyst shorts. 2 images of Amethyst released. TNI Article
  • September 16, 2012: Brianne Drouhard posts two page spread about Amethyst found in Issue #6 of Green Lantern: The Animated Series. Brianne Drouhard Tweet and Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • October 7, 2012: Brianne Drouhard posts the crew who worked on Amethyst - Amy Wolfram wrote the script, Drouhard drew Character Designs and Storyboarded, Claire Lenth drew some Characters and was the Character Color Stylist, Valerie Kung drew the Background Layouts, Mari Hosaka was the Background Painter, Mary Hoffman drew the props, Marc Gomez made a surprise, David Production animated, and Ben Jones consulted. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • January 2, 2013: One Clip and six images for Amethyst "Your Quest Begins" released. WF Article
  • January 3, 2013: Brianne Drouhard reveals the gibberish programming code on the notepad seen in the Amethyst clip used to be actual CSS code but BS&P was confused and asked for it to be changed. Brianne Drouhard Twitter
  • January 5, 2013: Brianne Drouhard confirms the photo of the dog on Amy's wall was Taffy from the original Amethyst comic. Brianne Drouhard Twitter
  • January 9, 2013: One clip and one image for Amethyst "Level 2: Village of the Frogs" released. WF Article
  • January 9, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts sketch and crew info for Amethyst "Level 2: Village of the Frogs" - Storyboarded by Chrissy Delk, BG Layout by Valerie Kung, BG color by Mari Hosaka, Props by Mary Hoffman, Character color by Claire Lenth, Character Designs by Lenth and Drouhard, and also "extra guidance" from Ben Jones. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • January 11, 2013: Eric Bauza and Keith Ferguson voices Dark Opal and Prince Topaz, respectively, in Amethyst. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • January 17, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts sketch and crew info for Amethyst "Level 3: Random Encounter" - Storyboarded by Valerie Fletcher and the Monster of the Week was designed by Thomas Perkins. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • January 18, 2013: One clip and two images for Amethyst "Level 3: Random Encounter" released. WF Article
  • January 19, 2013: Grey DeLisle voiced the lady frog mayor in Amethyst Level 2 and Slime in Level 3. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • January 19, 2013: Sophie Oda also voiced the talking lily pads and flowers in Amethyst Level 3. Eric Bauza voiced the talking trees. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • January 29, 2013: Monster from Amethyst Level 3 was designed by Thomas Perkins and called Milliweevel. Brianne Drouhard deviantArt reply
  • February 7, 2013: Clip and two images for Amethyst "The Turqoise Cave" short. WF Article
  • February 7, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts cast and crew information for Amethyst "The Turqoise Cave" short. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • February 7, 2013: Brianne Drouhard reveals the title "The Turqoise Cave" is a reference to the character Turqoise. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • February 7, 2013: Brianne Drouhard teases some easter eggs in "The Turqoise Cave" at the entrance to the cave. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • February 14, 2013: Clip and two images for Amethyst "Battle in the Stormy Peaks" short. WF Article
  • February 14, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts art and crew credits for Amethyst "Battle in the Stormy Peaks" short. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • February 15, 2013: Tara Strong did voice work in Amethyst "Battle in the Stormy Peaks" short. Ben Jones Tweet
  • February 15, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts turn-arounds of Amethyst. Brianne Drouhard deviantArt
  • February 18, 2013: Brianne Drouhard reveals the song "Hello My Baby" would have been used in Amethyst Level 5 but it cost too much. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • February 27, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts art and crew credits for Amethyst Level 6: "The Last Boss" short. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • February 28, 2013: Clip and image for Amethyst "The Last Boss" short. WF Article
  • March 2, 2013: Brianne Drouhard confirms next week is the seventh and last Amethyst short. Brianne Drouhard
  • March 6, 2013: Two images for Amethyst Level 7 "Welcome Home" released. WF Article
  • March 6, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts expression sheets for Dark Opal. Brianne Drouhard deviantArt
  • March 6, 2013: Jen Bennett posts storyboard scene comparison from Amethyst Level 7 "Welcome Home" short. Jen Bennett Tweet
  • March 6, 2013: Brianne Drouhard posts crew information for Amethyst Level 7 "Welcome Home" short. Brianne Drouhard Blog
  • March 9, 2013: There was a shot of Carnelian, son of Dark Opal, in Amethyst but it was cut for time. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • April 2, 2013: Jen Bennett shows a shot of the end of Amethyst Level 7 that was cut for time. Jenn Bennett Tumblr
  • April 28, 2013: Brianne Drouhard reveals when Amethyst first appeared in Frog Village, one of the villagers said "I wish it was Lady Turquoise" but it got drowned out in the crowd noise. Brianne Drouhard Tweet
  • July 3, 2014: Brianne Drouhard talks about when DC Nation first started, the pitch process, researching Amethyst, the initial 4 short pitch, adapting to a 7 short arc, adding in more of the mythos like Dark Opal, Amy's arc, what she learned during production, got David Production around Christmas, credits who she worked with - Chrissy Delk boarded #2 and #5, Valerie Fletcher boarded #3, Christy Tseng boarded #4, Jay Baker boarded #6, and Jen Bennett boarded #7. Thomas Perkins who helped with the lake monster design, Claire Lenth designed Amy's hair buns and did all the character color, Mari Hosaka painted all the backgrounds, Valerie Kung and Mary Hoffman drew props and backgrounds, and Ben Jones oversaw all the shorts. Comics Alliance Interview
  • November 23, 2017: Interview with Brianne Drouhard. There was a website within the studio with pre-chosen characters that Ben Jones had to select. Jones chose Amethyst, knowing Drouhard would pitch a series. The talking tree was an in-joke. It was a representative of the 'Internet' and had a name. She wanted to add more faces to things. She pitched it as a video game quest with one short with four alternative takes. Eight episodes were ordered initially. The Topaz episode was "butchered" a lot. One unused idea was Amethyst and Pegacorn racing a frog riding a rooster. Another idea was Topaz didn't change back into a human and goes to rescue Sapphie who is in a tower in the middle of molten lava. He walks through the lava and freaks her out. Amethyst tries to calm her down and propose a date but she runs away on Pegacorn. Topaz and Amethyst end up having an awkward date. She boarded the first episode on paper and purposefully made it a little off kilter. Amy's glasses tie her to her Earth parents. As the last of House of Amethyst, her powers are locked away on Earth and has bad eyesight. There was a time when more shorts were potentially going to be made and it almost went to full series. Some higher ups didn't want Amy to be into video games originally. The game was her suppressed memories of Gemworld. There was a note from Cartoon Network about the seventh short. They were concerned Amethyst was being too mean to the spider and should be friends with it. A full series was in development for half a year then suddenly stopped. It was envisioned for 2 seasons of 22 minute episodes. It would have fleshed out Topaz. He would have been good at cooking and cleaning because he was confined to the family castle but the idea got a push back from the higher ups. Cancelled Too Soon Episode 74