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Real Identity: Razer
Affiliation(s): Red Lantern Corps
Appearances: Beware My Power Part One, Part Two, Razer's Edge, Into The Abyss, Heir Apparent, Lost Planet, Reckoning, Fear Itself, ...In Love and War, Regime Change, Flight Club, Invasion, Homecoming, Blue Hope, Prisoner of Sinestro, Loss, Cold Fury, Babel, Love is a Battlefield, Larfleeze, Scarred, Ranx, and Dark Matter
Powers/Skills: Wields Power Ring, Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat, and Technology Aptitude
Voiced By: Jason Spisak

In the Forgotten Zone, Razer and Ilana hoped to raise a family without living in fear. Razer joined a local militia and planned to gain enough power to protect his lover Ilana. However, Ilana was killed when Razer was away. A Red Power Ring was attracted to Razer's rage and chose him. Razer accepted and became a Red Lantern. He was quickly promoted within the ranks to Legion Leader. He killed Green Lanterns with Zilius Zox in Frontier Space. However, he is conflicted with taking pity on others and believes the current strategy will not eliminate the Corps. After suffering defeat at the hands of Hal Jordan, Razer was blamed by Zox. Razer contended Jordan and Kilowog were better trained and sent out his Hunter-Killer Drones to locate them. One drone managed to plant a tracer device on the hull of the Interceptor.

The Red Lantern Corps tracked the Green Lanterns to Colony 12 and demanded their presence. Atrocitus then ordered Razer to activate the Liberator's detonation sequence anyway. Razer did so on the grounds it served the greater good. However, he continued to question himself after confronting Kilowog and Shyir Rev. After Colony 12's destruction, Razer faced off against Hal Jordan in space. He implored Jordan to kill him for what he did. However, Jordan preferred he live with the consequences and stripped Razer of his ring. A powerless Razer was imprisoned aboard the Interceptor. Abandoned by his comrades, Razer came to hate the Red Lanterns as much as the Green Lanterns as he pondered the destruction of Colony 12. Razer was assumed dead by the Red Lanterns and a memorial service honored him as a hero.

Following orders from the Guardians of the Universe, Hal Jordan and Kilowog set off to find a prison for Razer. Razer insisted he should be killed. He was remanded to the Spider Guild Prison and entered into its rehabilitation program. Razer, like all prisoners, was forced to relive his worst moments over and over: the death of his lover, Ilana. When Jordan and Kilowog were captured, Aya ventured out of the Interceptor to find them. She freed Razer when Yellow Minerals prevented her from going forward. He ran back to the ship, took back his power ring, and saved his former captors. Once the Spider Guild was defeated, Razer relinquished his ring. However, Jordan gave him back his ring and announced Razer was coming with them. While onboard, Razer contemplated Aya's heroism. Razer and Kilowog were at odds with each other until they sort of bonded during a rescue operation. Razer saved Kilowog's life and came to respect his bravery.

After tracking Shyir Rev's power ring to a planet in danger of destruction, Razer went off on his own. He discovered a graveyard of space ships and met Saint Walker. Walker easily defeated Razer with unarmed combat and implored him to abandon his rage. He then paralyzed Razer and handed over Rev's power ring. Jordan found Razer and they followed Kilowog, who was chasing the Interceptor. Once it was grounded, Razer ejected its thieves General Zartok and Drusa. He destroyed a device and Aya went back online.

Razer became impatient and annoyed with Jordan's monitoring and returned to Shard. After leaving behind an elaborate ruse to distract the others on the Interceptor, Razer planned to recharge his ring then assassinate Atrocitus. The plan failed and Razer was tortured and interrogated about his time with the Green Lanterns. Jordan and Kilowog soon arrived and with Aya's help, liberated Razer. During the firefight, Razer recharged his ring off of Atrocitus' personal power battery. In the subsequent withdrawal, Aya was captured. Razer faced Atrocitus alone at Shard's Battery Square to rescue Aya. Atrocitus revealed he had hopes Razer would have become an ambassador of his legacy and admitted he murdered Razer's wife Ilana in order to manipulate Razer into becoming a Red Lantern. Razer was overcome with intense rage and defeated Atrocitus. Razer spared his life, took his power battery, and carried Aya back onboard the Interceptor. He came to resent still having to use the Red Lantern oath to recharge.

After Jordan's group was invited to Zamaron by Queen Aga'po, Razer declined and remained on the Interceptor. Once Aya revealed Kilowog's energy level went flat, she and Razer searched for Kilowog. Aga'po attempted to seduce Razer but he was not easily fooled. Surrounded by Sapphires, Razer was nearly encased in violet crystal. Aga'po determined Razer's true love, Ilana, was dead and that Razer could not be rehabilitated, thus was to be executed. Hal Jordan and Kilowog arrived and the four fled the planet. On a mission to destroy the Lighthouse, Razer caused a fatal energy feedback and remotely detonated the fabled structure. However, he and the rest of Jordan's group fell for Atrocitus' latest trick and were stranded just outside the Maelstrom. He and Jordan set off for Zamaron as an ad hoc plan to get a shortcut to Earth. After Jordan took a portal to Ferris Aircraft, Razer was about to leave when Ghia'ta was able to generate a portal to Aya on the Interceptor. Razer went through and saved her from Drusa.

Razer departed Oa without much of a plan. He ended up on the planet Odym to seek out the Blue Lanterns for help on moving past his anger. It was a difficult learning curve. Razer confided some of his past to Saint Walker, including the death of his wife Ilana. Saint Walker advised him hope could lead him to a new path to love again. Razer was soon reunited with Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Aya. With his ring neutralized by the Blue Power Rings, Razer had only his wits to serve him when three super charged Manhunters arrived on Odym in search of the Blue Lantern Central Power Battery. He formulated a plan to use a Odymese Worm to stop the Manhunters from leaving with the battery. In a surprise turn, when Aya was blasted by a Manhunter, Razer's rage surfaced, larger than ever, and enabled him to use his ring. He soundly annihilated the Manhunter. Razer concluded there were many types of rage and his was righteous and decided to leave Odym a member of Hal's team again.

While the Interceptor escorted Sinestro back to Oa, Neuroxsis possessed Razer several times. Besides trying to kill everyone else aboard, Neuroxsis also attempted to flirt with Aya while trying to procure a Spider Guild blaster. When Sinestro and Aya depressurized the ship, Razer nearly suffocated to death but Neuroxsis left his body at the last moment. Once the Interceptor crew arrived in the Forgotten Zone for a peace ceremony on Ysmault, Razer made a request to stop at his home planet. Razer visited his former home and thought of Ilana. He discovered Aya followed him. He thanked her for helping him change and showed life had begun anew. Razer picked a flower for Aya and nearly kissed her but Jordan issued an order to return to the ship and deal with a Manhunter sighting. Even more Manhunters arrived in the Forgotten Zone with the Anti-Monitor.

While trying to hold off the Manhunters, Razer became pinned down and faced certain death. Aya left her post and rescued Razer. However, she pushed Razer away at the last second and took the brunt of an anti-matter blast fired by the Anti-Monitor. With 29.5 seconds left, Aya was too far away from the Interceptor to download herself. Razer admitted he loved her. Aya came to understand the meaning of regret but went offline and faded away. The Interceptor grabbed Razer and fled the area. While being admonished by Hal Jordan, Razer dared him to pin the blame but Kilowog calmed Razer down and had him run diagnostics on the engine to prepare for ultra warp. When Aya returned in a disabled Manhunter body, Razer admitted he didn't lover her at all and was just confused with his love for Ilana. Aya was conflicted with the pain caused and could not focus on the battle against the Anti-Monitor and Manhunters. Razer advised her to simply focus on the battle and shut everything else down. Aya took it literally and shut down her emotions.

Not one to talk, Razer knew any lives taken by Aya and the Manhunters was his fault. While regrouping in the Forgotten Zone, Razer revealed the legend of the Orange Lantern Corps to Jordan and Kilowog to suggest using the Orange Light as a safeguard to stop Aya long enough to reason with her. During the battle at Ranx, Razer used one of Saint Walker's calming techniques to neutralize his, Jordan's and Kilowog's emotions. The technique worked and the trio was able to fly past an army of Manhunters without being detected as an emotional being. Once a Manhunter spoke in Aya's voice, Razer lost his concentration and the team was forced to take evasive action to Ranx. After another failed attempt to reason with her, Razer resigned himself to the fact there was no other way to stop Aya other than destroying her. In the Maltus offensive, Razer was shot into the Anti-Monitor's corpse on Hal Jordan's orders. While Aya was preoccupied with remaking the universe, Razer was tasked with destroying her.

However, he still loved her and couldn't use his construct at the last second. Aya dealt a fatal direct blast onto Razer. She embraced Razer and decided to return to the present without changing the universe. Aya used her accumulated energies to manipulate time and completely heal Razer. He watched as Aya sacrificed herself to stop the Manhunters before they utilized her program to destroy the universe. Razer refused to admit Aya was dead and went on his own to search the universe for her. After saying his goodbyes to Hal Jordan and Kilowg, Razer left Oa and was followed by a Blue Power Ring.