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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Prisoner of Sinestro
Powers/Skills: Possession
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Little is known about Neuroxsis but he has garnered a reputation as one of the most wanted assassins in the universe. He is a mind jumper and has the ability to take over bodies of others at will. Those possessed by Neuroxsis do not remember anything that happened. At some point, he was captured by the Spider Guild and transported aboard a Spider Guild Frigate. The Guardians of the Universe ordered Sinestro to extract Neuroxsis and imprison him in a Sciencell. Sinestro succeeded but the Spider Guild regarded him as a hostile and opened fire. The Interceptor crew intervened and took Sinestro to safety.

While confined to the ship's Sciencell, Neuroxsis possessed Sinestro then everyone else except Aya since she wasn't an organic lifeform. Neuroxsis attempted to kill everyone aboard with Spider Guild tech because he was unable to activate anyone's power rings. Sinestro eventually figured out his methods and crafted an absolute test to force Neuroxsis back into his body. He and Aya depressurized the entire ship except for the Sciencell. With the ship purged of oxygen, those not possessed would generate a power field and be protected. The one possessed by Neuroxsis would suffocate to death. It became clear Neuroxsis was in possession of Razer. At the last minute, he returned to his body. However, in his escape from the cell, Sinestro did not reseal the panel leading into the venting system. Sinestro concluded to the others his body must have suffocated before his mind returned and it was probably for the best, considering the danger of him getting loose on Oa.