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Real Identity: Zatanna Zatara
Affiliations: The Team and Justice League
Appearances: Humanity, Failsafe, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image (Illusion), Agendas, Insecurity, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Salvage, Depths, Satisfaction, Cornered, The Hunt, Intervention, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Magic
Voiced By: Lacey Chabert

Zatana Zatara is the 14 year old daughter of Giovanni Zatara. Together, they reside in New York. She is also versed in magic but nowhere near as powerful as Zatara. Zatanna still needs to know her spells cold or have a lot of preparation time. On October 10th, she was brought along to the Cave under her father's authorization as A-03. Zatanna and Robin appeared to get along well. During a tour of the Cave, she deduced it wasn't so. Zatanna willingly went along with the Team to look for Red Tornado under the pretense they kidnapped her. The Team went to Belle Reve to interrogate Professor Ivo on the location of Tornado's creator, T.O. Morrow. When he resisted Miss Martian's telepathy, Zatanna cast a spell to get the needed intelligence. She also proved herself in battle but Zatanna was pretty sure she was grounded for the rest of her life.

On October 31st, Zatanna teleported to the Cave. She was dressed as a witch and intended to go to Happy Harbor High School's Halloween Dance per Miss Martian's invitation. However, Zatanna revealed Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship to an unsuspecting Artemis. She attempted to make it up to Artemis by taking her on a girls' night out. Artemis accepted and they teleported to Manhattan. They spent the night taking on random criminals in Manhattan. However, they were soon attacked by Harm, a psychopath empowered by the Sword of Beowulf. Even a few new spells Zatanna learned after the Red Volcano incident weren't enough. To compound matters, she was unable to take the Sword for herself and rejected for having an impure heart. Zatanna decided the best strategy was to follow a mysterious girl in white. She led them to Harm's home. Angered by this development, Harm rendered them unconscious and interrogated them. While he spoke to Artemis, Zatanna was freed by the girl in white. She escaped then set Artemis free. After the girl was revealed to be Greta Hayes, the sister of Harm, she took away Harm's power. Artemis knocked him out and Zatanna cast a spell that binded him with his own clothing.

On November 5th, Zatanna was able to get permission to come and pay a visit to Mount Justice. After a powerful magic spell created two dimensions on Earth, Zatanna was called upon by Robin to try a location spell to find the source of the spell. After some preparation, Zatanna was able to trace it to Roanoke Island. However, the Team was no match for the originator of the magic spell, Klarion. With the mission failing, Zatanna summoned the Helmet of Fate and became Dr. Fate. Since Zatanna had a natural affinity for magic, Nabu concluded she was a perfect candidate to serve as host of Dr. Fate on a long term basis. Zatara promised to become the host and bid farewell to Zatanna. Zatara asked Batman to watch over Zatanna. then became Dr. Fate. On November 7th, 09:16 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Zatanna finished moving into Mount Justice and mourned the loss of her father. On November 11th, Zatanna worked with Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian, Artemis, and Green Arrow to destroy a Flying Ice Fortress.

On November 25th, while cooking for the Thanksgiving holiday, Zatanna broke down at the thought of it being the first Thanksgiving without her father. Miss Martian consoled her. On December 1st, Zatanna wished Robin a happy birthday. She learned the birthdate from Kid Flash. After finishing her semester in Manhattan, Zatanna transferred to Happy Harbor High School in January. Batman, Black Canary, and Red Tornado became surrogate parents for her while Zatara remained as her legal guardian on paper. However, she continued to feel responsible for her father's entrapment. At one point, she and Dick Grayson dated and stayed on good terms. On February 18th, Team Year Five, Zatanna reported to Mount Justice to help in the Sandsmark case. As Dr. Sandsmark recalled seeing machinery covered with glowing symbols, Zatanna immediately speculated the Light was using techno-sorcery to build another threat. With no more leads and the world in danger, Nightwing thought of having Zatanna track Klarion's locus of sorcery. Zatanna utilized the same spell she used on November 5th, Team Year Zero, to find him after all adults went missing. The spell worked and the Team headed to Bialya.

As of December 1st, Team Year Five, Zatanna joined the Justice League as its 25th member along with Rocket. They stopped at the Cave to wish Nightwing a happy birthday. In front of the Team, she kissed him on the lips and greeted him backwards at his request. She and Rocket then attended a League briefing. Zatanna later investigated the field in Metropolis but was unable to summon enough mystic energy to breach it. As part of a plan to confront the alien who invaded, Zatanna cast a glamour spell that hid herself, Nightwing, Wonder Girl, Blue Beetle, and Sphere from sight while Martian Manhunter and Flash hailed the alien ship. However, the glamour was soon drained of its mystic energy. Zatanna was unable to recast the spell immediately and the squad was attacked by The Collector of Worlds.

On January 3rd, Team Year Six, she attended a briefing on the Watchtower about Lobo and a Krolotean. On February 13th, 21:51 EST, Zatanna was present on the Watchtower when the Zeta Shield was activated. After February 19th, Zatanna was brought in to learn a mystic ceremony from Dr. Fate. It took her several months to learn the ritual then configure the ancient Bialyan incantations to work in concert with her magic. Zatanna, per request and without much detail, gave Nightwing a Glamour Charm, enhanced with a physiomorphic spell. Nightwing gave the necklace to Artemis to aid her in infiltrating Black Manta's operation. On April 1st, Zatanna was present in the Hall of Justice helping organize what was salvaged from Mount Justice. She and Captain Marvel ran outside and encountered L-Ron, who raised a shield around the base and teleported Despero in. Despero used his telepathy to neutralize Zatanna before she could cast a spell. Eventually, Miss Martian figured out how to revive those mentally incapacitated. Zatanna possessed Mal Duncan's body and then exposed Despero to his own psychic attack. Superboy then dispatched him.

On May 27th, Zatanna guarded the Crystal Key chamber with Green Arrow and Plastic Man. On June 13th, Zatanna participated in the joint operation to free Blue Beetle from the Reach's control. In El Paso, Rocket encased him in a force bubble. To prevent escape, Zatanna reinforced the bubble with magic. The squad then took Blue Beetle to the Bialyan temple where Dan Garrett discovered the Scarab back in 1939. Zatanna dispatched Devastation, Mammoth, and Shimmer then went into a mystic trance to summon the goddess Isis. With Isis' power, Zatanna reconstructed four pillars depicting a mystic circle and initiated the cleansing ritual. Blue Beetle and Green Beetle were successfully freed. In gratitude, Jaime Reyes hugged Zatanna, who was visibly drained from the effort. On June 20th, Zatanna took part in the offensive to disable the Reach's Magnetic Field Generators. She was assigned to Pi Squad with Batgirl.