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Real Identity: Kon-El (Alias: Connor Kent)
Affiliation(s): The Team, Happy Harbor High School, and Ivy University
Appearance(s): Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Welcome to Happy Harbor, Drop Zone, Schooled, Infiltrator, Denial, Downtime, Bereft, Targets, Terrors, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image, Agendas, Insecurity, Performance, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Earthlings, Alienated, Salvage, Depths, Satisfaction, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, War, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, Endgame, Princes All, Royal We, Eminent Threat, Private Security, Away Mission, Rescue Op, Evolution, Triptych, Home Fires, Exceptional Human Beings, Another Freak, Nightmare Monkeys, True Heroes, Influence, Illusion of Control, First Impression, Quiet Conversations, Antisocial Pathologies, Terminus, Into the Breach, Overwhelmed, Nevermore, Inhospitable, Needful, Volatile, Involuntary, Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!, Kaerb Ym Traeh!, Nautical Twilight, Ebb Tide, Emergency Dive, Leviathan Wakes, Beyond the Grip of the Gods!, Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge, Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!, Odyssey of Death!, Rescue and Search, Ego and Superego, Zenith and Abyss, Over and Out, and Death and Rebirth
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Haunted, Monkey Business, Face Your Fears, What's The Story?, Fears, Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, Cold Case, Hot Case, The Pit..., The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Under The Surface..., ...Here There Be Monsters, Monkey Business, Gorilla Warfare, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, Players Chapter Six, Torch Songs: Part 1, Torch Songs: Part 2, and Cherry Gig
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Appearances (Audioplays): The Prize
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Speed, Impenetrable Skin, Enhanced Vision, Solar Absorption, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Nolan North

Under the mandate of Project Kr, a clone of Superman was created by Project Cadmus, a genetics lab, to replace Superman should he perish or to destroy him if he turns from the light. Weapon designation "Superboy" was force grown in 16 weeks from Superman's DNA, stolen most likely, and Lex Luthor's DNA, in order to account for missing sequences in the Kryptonian DNA. The rapid aging process made him into the biological equivalent of a 16 years old and there would be no visible signs of aging as a side effect of the process. He wore a solar suit that allowed him to absorb yellow sun radiation 24 hours, 7 days a week. Three Genomorph Gnomes were assigned to telepathically force feed him an education while suppressing his will and making him into a slave. They taught Superboy how to read and write, the names of things, and implanted images in his mind for reference. He was also taught to speak in a large amount of languages, including English, Spanish, French, Korean, Arabic, Russian, and Atlantean.

On one July 4th, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash infiltrated Project Cadmus, hacked their files, and traveled to Sub Level 52 to discover the secret of Project Kr. Upon seeing Superboy, they ultimately decided the act wasn't right and opted to release him. At the same time, Cadmus' chief scientist Dr. Desmond ordered Superboy's G-Gnomes to direct Superboy to neutralize the heroes. Superboy then took the trio to the cloning chamber to be duplicated and replaced. They attempted to reason with Superboy and appealed to him by asking what Superman would do in the situation. Interestingly enough, Superboy had not yet developed heat vision nor the power to fly but more than made up with his headstrong personality and super strength. Another Genomorph named Dubbilex revealed to Superboy that he was destined to become the Genomorph hero and blaze a trail of freedom for all Genomorphs. The four teenagers defeated Desmond and were found by the Justice League.

Kid Flash elected to offer Superboy to stay at his parents' home until Batman made his decision. After receiving a prepaid charge card from Batman, they went to the Central City Mall on July 7th. Superboy purchased an entire rack of black T-Shirts with Superman's "S" Shield design from Forever Sixteen Suburban Outfitters. When a villainous pair called the Terror Twins began wrecking havoc, Wally West and Superboy donned bandanas to conceal their identities and tried to fight off the duo. Flash and Superman arrived to inform them Batman made his decision. Several days later, Superboy and the others were formally made a team. Superboy was smitten with Miss Martian, as was Kid Flash. Miss Martian, Superboy, and Red Tornado moved into Mount Justice to live there on a permanent basis. Superboy was given the numerical designation 04. While left alone momentarily, Superboy was placed into a psychic event triggered by a lonely G-Gnome. He encountered an event that happened years ago, the Joker invading the Secret Sanctuary. He eventually figured out the ruse and severed the connection with the G-Gnome.

Soon enough, Superboy began to think on his own but repeatedly verbally lashed out at Miss Martian for her use of telepathy and battle inexperience. Deep down, Superboy knew he over-reacted but didn't know how to properly apologize. After Miss Martian coordinated a successful plan to defeat Mr. Twister, Superboy apologized to her, heeding Aqualad's advice.

Over a month later, Superboy continued to become frustrated with his lack of a relationship with Superman. On August 3rd, he attempted to assist Superman in Metropolis but was rebuffed. He was further angered when the Team's trainer, Black Canary defeated him twice in a sparring match. At first, he denied her offer to train him. However, after fighting Amazo, he asked her to which she obliged. On August 8th, Superboy and Robin flew to Philadelphia board Miss Martian's Bio Ship. He sighted Professor Ojo, member of the League of Shadows, and confronted him. Eventually, Superboy rendered him unconscious. On September 3rd, the team's memories from the past six months were manipulated by Psimon. Superboy was reduced to a being driven only by animal impulse. He was rendered unconscious by Psimon and taken into custody of the team studying the Sphere. Miss Martian and Superboy joined forces to defeat Psimon, became closer to each other in the process, and were befriended by the Sphere.

On September 5th, Superboy went with Miss Martian and Superboy to visit Atlantis. On September 7th, Superboy was set to attend Happy Harbor High School with Miss Martian. First, a suitable alias had to be chosen. Miss Martian suggested "Connor" for his first name while Martian Manhunter added "Kent" for his last. Superboy agreed, under the notion "Kent" was in honor the late Kent Nelson and unaware of Superman's secret identity. At Happy Harbor High, he quickly earned the animosity of another student named Mal Duncan. On September 14th, Superboy took on the likeness of Tommy Terror as part of an undercover investigation at Belle Reve Penitentiary. When faced with a mass prison break and a captured Miss Martian, Superboy resorted to his wits and manipulated Icicle Junior into helping him. Fearing Miss Martian dead, Superboy was relieved when she thawed out and they kissed. On September 22nd, Superboy and the rest of the Team were caught off-guard when a pair of androids invaded the Cave.

On September 23rd, Superboy was infuriated when he overheard Aqualad telling Batman about a possible mole. Overly concerned with his inability to protect Miss Martian, Superboy acted rashly and revealed the secret to the rest of the Team and later was overbearing to his girlfriend. During a mission in Northern India, Superboy encountered a pack of enhanced wolves and defeated them. He was then befriended by the pack leader, a large white wolf he named Wolf. Superboy then decided to take it back home to the Cave as it didn't return to the wild like the rest of the animals. Superboy still wished to destroy Red Tornado for betraying the Team but relented when Aqualad convinced him he shared common ground with their former supervisor. During a battle against Red Volcano, Superboy saved Red Tornado from melting with his family. On October 16th, Superboy learned about the existence of Superman's Fortress of Solitude during a training exercise.

On October 23rd, Superboy walked out on a session with Black Canary and was about to leave the Cave on his motorcycle when Sphere revealed a new form. He and Wolf rode her across the Eastern Seaboard only to encounter the Forever People. Together, they went after those who stole technology from New Genesis and Apokolips. Superboy was further surprised when they deferred to follow his lead. The oddities continued as Dreamer explained the history of New Genesis and Apokoips in brief. With Sphere, Superboy used Infinity-Man to defeat Intergang and force DeSaad to leave the planet. He then convinced the Forever People to let him keep Sphere. Superboy turned in a report to Batman then met with Black Canary again. He admitted felt at peace during the training exercise despite the deaths of many. Superboy fulfilled his destiny and took Superman's place. On November 11th, Superboy dropped off Robin and Aqualad at a Flying Ice Fortress then proceeded to a second one to destroy it with Wolf, Black Canary, and Red Tornado.

On November 25th, Superboy met Lex Luthor and learned of another Super-Clone at Project Cadmus. Along with Wolf, he investigated the facility and found the clone, Match. Match was unstable and quickly attacked the duo. Superboy was placed into a pod to heal, which he did not take kindly, too. Luthor contacted him and gifted him with Shields to combat Match successfully. With it, Superboy could now access the full range of his powers for an hour at a time. He contacted Dubbilex and learned of another secret, Genomorph City. Match broke free of his physical and mental restraints to fight Superboy again. Superboy utilized a Shield and defeated Match. For the greater good, he agreed to have Match refrozen. Superboy confronted Luthor and learned his relation to the villain. Lex Luthor then neutralized Superboy with two words, "Red Sun." Hours later, Superboy came to and couldn't bring himself to getting rid of the Shields.

On December 1st, Connor Kent and Megan Morse visited Marie and Garfield Logan. By mistake, Kent picked poison Sumac for Morse. They encountered Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen after they finished interviewing Marie Logan about her sanctuary. They met up again in Dhabar. Once Deadshot opened fire on the Harjavti family, Superboy used a Shield and attacked Deadshot. Going over the edge, Superboy beat Deadshot senseless. Superman pulled Superboy off and admonished him for going too far. By late December, Superboy was using Shields with greater frequency. However, his full range of powers were taken by Parasite during a mission in Europe. He told the Team he only had the genetic potential for them and it was enough for Parasite to replicate.

On December 30th, Superboy used his last Shield to combat Mammoth but almost got Artemis killed. He told the Team about his visit to Cadmus, the Shields, his human DNA, and Lex Luthor was his father. Miss Martian used her powers to nullify the Red Sun protocol and confirmed no other programming resided. At some point, Superboy and Miss Martian visited Garfield Logan in Qurac but Superboy accidentally picked some poison Sumac. On November 30th, Team Year Four, Superboy helped Superman defeat the alien Draaga in Metropolis. Four city blocks were destroyed and the press didn't pick up on Superboy's contribution.

On February 17th, Team Year Five, Superboy took lead of Alpha Squad in a mission to track Sportsmaster. They arrived in Verhoyansk. At 17:59 Omsk Summer Time (OMSST), Superboy realized the receiver on Dr. Sandsmark's GPS device wasn't responding. An antenna at the Light's base camp was jamming the signal. After taking the camp out, Superboy hailed the Cave to get an update on Sportsmaster's tracer coordinates. Along the way, Alpha observed Shadow ninja freezing Siberian villagers. Superboy led Alpha in liberating each villager. Alpha soon ran into Killer Frost, defeated her, and continued to follow Sportsmaster's trail. They confronted Sportsmaster and Icicle Jr. and secured two statue fragments. However, the activity triggered an avalanche. Superman arrived to help divert the flow and save the mining community nearby.

Some time later, Superboy broke up with Miss Martian over the misuse of her psychic powers on him and others. Superboy remained a member of the Team despite an invitation to join the Justice League. He still works alongside Miss Martian but there appears to still be some feelings between the two. Superman introduced Superboy to Jonathan Kent and was accepted into the family. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Superboy was teleported to the Moon by Kylstar. He was joined by Superman, Captain Marvel, Wonder Woman, and Captain Atom along with several others.

On January 1st, Team Year Six, he was part of a mission to track down Clayface. After nearly being suffocated, Superboy administered a pill that completely solidified and immobilized Clayface. On January 4th, Superboy was assigned to accompany Adam Strange to Rann with Miss Martian and Beast Boy. The Zeta Squad returned to Earth on January 6th. Superboy and Miss Martian proceeded to the Hall of Justice to observe an interrogation of a Krolotean captured by Blue Beetle. Superboy was concerned when Miss Martian forcefully extracted intelligence again. Superboy participated in the Malina Island raid as part of Delta Squad with Superman, Wonder Woman, and Wonder Girl. During the mission, Nightwing and Superboy confronted Aqualad but he rendered Superboy unconscious. On January 26th, Superboy bid Superman goodbye as some of the League left Earth for Rimbor to stand trial.

On February 13th, Superboy took Blue Beetle along with him to investigate Intergang's possible involvement in supplying the alien bomb that destroyed Malina Island. He reached a dead end when Ugly Manheim and Whisper A'Daire were compromised and more questions raised when their Appellaxian Golem was remotely destroyed before his eyes. On March 19th, at Cape Canaveral, Superboy posed as Superman but was annoyed with having his flight simulated by Miss Martian. During the mission, Superboy confronted Miss Martian about her methods but was forced to take manual control of the Bio Ship when Kaldur'ahm and Manta-men attacked the Earth-Mars-Communication-Satellite. On March 21st, Connor Kent was surprised by Wendy Harris on campus at Ivy University. She was the only one who acknowledged it was his birthday. On March 30th, Superboy infiltrated the Reach Ship as a Manta Trooper and secured the docking bay for the Team. When Miss Martian wouldn't respond, Superboy tried to look for her but was knocked aside by Black Beetle. In the aftermath, Superboy suspected Miss Martian had abused her powers again which she did with ill consequences.

On April 1st, Superboy checked out his new sleeping quarters in Bludhaven then went with Miss Martian and Mal Duncan to the Hall of Justice and look through what was salvaged from Mount Justice. However, Despero and L-Ron arrived. Superboy was no match for Despero in combat and was almost decapitated. After recovering, Superboy collapsed the floor beneath Despero and Duncan. By that time, Zatanna was telepathically revived by Miss Martian and she neutralized Despero. On April 2, Superboy visited Miss Martian in Chicago to talk. On April 9th, Superboy and Nightwing found Lagoon Boy injured and unconscious in Chicago. They took him to a local hospital where Nightwing revealed the truth about Aqualad and Artemis. When they were alone, Superboy informed Nightwing of what Miss Martian did to Kaldur'ahm's mind and berated him for keeping the deep cover mission a secret. On May 23rd, Superboy attended a briefing on the Watchtower. On May 26th, he was assigned to Alpha Squad tasked with confronting Mongul.

On June 14th, Connor Kent went out with Wendy Harris. He acted as a buffer of sorts between Harris and her boyfriend Marvin White, who was sort of freaking out and not trying to mess up. On June 19th, Superboy took part in the Santa Prisca mission. On June 20th, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Adam Strange went to Rimbor to clear the Justice League of charges. Superboy and Miss Martian managed to convince the tribunes to dismiss the charges on the implication that the Justice League's exoneration would attract more cases to Rimbor, and seemingly more bribes. They returned to Earth and took part in disabling the Magnetic Field Generators. Superboy and Wolf were Rho Squad. As of July 4th, Miss Martian and Superboy had repaired their friendship. They and Beast Boy were formed into Alpha Squad and given orders to answer a distress call sent from Mars by B'arzz O'oomm. Superboy and Miss Martian seemed to get along during the mission but something happened and they were back to being at odds with each other.

Superboy became afraid of getting close to Miss Martian again and pushed her away. On August 8, 16:16 EDT, Superboy took a Zeta-Tube to the Watchtower for a mission briefing. He was surprised to see Miss Martian present. Batgirl presided over the briefing and informed Miss Martian, Beast Boy, and Superboy that Psimon was sighted in Hollywood. Miss Martian suspected he was setting a trap and declared she could handle him. Superboy became irate and questioned if she was going to put him into another coma. She denied she would do that. Superboy clarified she wouldn't do that again. She admitted he was right and stated she won't do it again. Batgirl whispered to Beast Boy and asked what was going on. Superboy overheard and asked if they should be going. At the festival, they split up. Superboy found Miss Martian and Beast Boy sitting in on a moderated Q&A session with Sandra Stanyon. Using the psychic link, Superboy told her she should ask Stanyon about "Hello, Megan!" but she was unsure.

Superboy was surprised and reminded her she was the bravest woman he knew and asked if she really was afraid to ask a question. Stanyon lit up after Miss Martian asked about "Hello, Megan!" and Marie Logan. Miss Martian thanked Superboy and admitted she was always braver when he was around. Superboy stated he was happy to help, paused, and said it was because they were teammates. After the panel, Stanyon sat with Miss Martian and Beast Boy and talked about Logan, working together as a family on the set, and hearing about her passing. Psimon locked onto Miss Martian and trapped them all in her mind. Superboy found himself in the middle of an episode of "Hello, Megan!" with Beast Boy stuck as a talking frog. Superboy realized what Psimon did to them. He tried to talk to Megan Wheeler but she was stuck in character and thought he was a new foreign exchange student then greeted her boyfriend, Conner. Luckily, Beast Boy recognized what episode they were in and noted there was a song Megan Wheeler was supposed to sing at a school show. She confessed she was afraid her boyfriend Conner wouldn't like the song and wouldn't forgive her.

Beast Boy became alarmed because the fear of not being forgiven wasn't in the actual episode. He speculated that was Miss Martian's consciousness leaking through and forgiveness was the key to escaping Psimon's trap. Beast Boy discovered Miss Martian tried to change Superboy's memories and that was the cause of their break up months ago. Superboy stated he more or less forgave her. Beast Boy warned him he had to be sincere this time or they wouldn't get free. Superboy tried to talk to Wheeler backstage at the school show but Conner got in the way and told him to get his own Megan. Wheeler was escorted to the stage by her mother then she sang a song heavy with regret and sadness. Beast Boy immediately knew that wasn't the song in the episode. Conner realized the truth and implored Superboy to talk to her. Superboy asked Wheeler to speak to his best friend M'gann M'orzz after the song. He began his apology and admitted he would always love her that is if she could forgive him.

Superboy revealed he got scared after they got close during the Mars mission and pulled away. He apologized to her for that. Miss Martian appeared and pulled them out of her mind. They regained consciousness but Psimon got away. Miss Martian apologized to Stanyon for all the trouble but she was surprisingly forgiving, citing a life of "very scary and strange" with Jonathan Lord, then thanked Superboy. Miss Martian thanked Superboy through the psychic link. He stated he did it because they were a team. She added, they were, always.