Plastic Man

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Real Identity: Edward "Eel" O'Brian
Affiliations: Justice League
Appearances: Revelation, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, The Hunt, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Elasticity, Durability, and Shape Shifting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Eel O'Brian acquired a substantial criminal record but at some point he decided to use his power of elasticity to do good. He took the name of Plastic Man. On October 1st, Plastic Man saved a truck driver who was knocked aside by a tendril of a Plant Creature. On November 25th, Plastic Man was nominated to join the Justice League. On December 30th, he was inducted into the League. In Team Year Five, on December 1st, Plastic Man helped investigate the field in Metropolis. He drilled down and determined the field was not a dome but spherical. He remained near the sphere to maintain contact with Batgirl but was horrified to watch as Match emerged near her. Plastic Man realized the energy beam from the alien ship was shrinking the city and looked on as Batgirl and Match's battle came to an end as a LexCorp van arrived. Once the field was taken down, Plastic Man walked over and conferred with Batgirl, Black Lightning, and Jim Harper.

On January 1st, Team Year Six, Plastic Man participated on Krolotean raids. On May 27th, he guarded the Warworld's Crystal Key chamber with Green Arrow and Zatanna. On June 20th, Plastic Man was assigned to Gamma Squad with the Flash in the strikes against the Magnetic Field Disrupters.