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Real Identity: Richard "Dick" Grayson
Affiliation(s): The Team
Appearance(s): Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Welcome to Happy Harbor, Drop Zone, Schooled, Infiltrator, Downtime, Bereft, Homefront, Alpha Male, Revelation, Humanity, Failsafe, Disordered, Secrets, Misplaced, Coldhearted, Image, Performance, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Alienated, Salvage, Beneath, Bloodlines, Depths, Satisfaction, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, War, Complications, The Hunt, Intervention, Summit, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Haunted, Hack and You Shall Find, Face Your Fears, By Hook or By Web, What's The Story?, Fears, Rabbit Holes, Wonderland, Cold Case, Hot Case, The Pit..., The Pendulum, ...And The Penalty, Under The Surface..., Common Denominators, Uncommon Denominators, Monkey Business, Gorilla Warfare, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Acrobatics, Sciences, Martial Arts and Unarmed Combat, Electronics, Above Average Attributes, Escape Arts, and Infiltration
Voiced By: Jesse McCartney

Born on December 1st, Dick Grayson was a nine year old acrobatic prodigy when he began performing alongside his family as the Flying Graysons of Haly's Circus. Grayson's mother affectionally referred to him as her "little robin." While Haly's performed in Gotham City, he happened to witness a gangster named Boss Zucco attempt to extort Mr. Haly. When Haly refused, Zucco swore he would regret it. Later that night, Grayson watched in horror as his family died when the high wire snapped. The only survivor of the fall was his uncle but he was paralyzed for the rest of his life and was unable to care for his nephew.

The Gotham billionaire Bruce Wayne adopted Grayson as his ward. Batman saw a kindred soul in Grayson and wanted to help him in this thirst for justice. Batman believed doing so would prevent Grayson from becoming like him. As Robin, the Boy Wonder, he became Batman's partner. Batman and Robin became known as the Dynamic Duo and brought Zucco to justice. Together, they fought crime and were the best of friends. He was forbidden by Batman to reveal his secret identity to anyone. Robin earned the nickname of "the laughing daredevil" for evoking laughter before appearing on scene. As Dick Grayson, he currently attends Gotham City Academy and is a 2011 Mathlete Honoree. He has at least conversational aptitude in several languages, including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Robin developed a close friendship with Kid Flash and secretly revealed his identity to him. Four years later, on July 4th, at 12:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Robin attacked Mr. Freeze while Batman delivered the finishing blow. When contemplating the possible array of secrets their mentors were still keeping, Robin proposed he hack Justice League systems and find out. Utilizing a computer interface on his gauntlets, Robin found a mere sentence dedicated to the mysterious Project Cadmus. Once inside, Robin discovered the first of several oddities, a high speed express elevator for an alleged two-story building. While he was occupied downloading files on the Genomorph Projects, the Guardian arrived and attempted to capture them with a squad of Genomorph 0777's. Instead, Robin activated the elevator and took the trio to the lowest level, Sub Level 52 where Project Kr, the most heavily guarded secret, was. It turned out to be Superboy, a clone of Superman. He was ordered to take out the three. Robin was no match and was rendered unconscious when Superboy pressed down on his chest.

While Robin attempted to pick the locks in his restraints, he and the others tried to reason with and convince Superboy to join them. Superboy obliged and aided in their escape. Robin destroyed their stolen DNA samples with an exploding projectile. Upon being led to a vent, Robin formulated a plan. He hacked the motion sensors and led their captors on a diversion while they headed for the surface. However, Dr. Desmond stood in their way and transformed into a monstrosity called Blockbuster. He analyzed a floor schematic of Cadmus' lobby and improvised a plan to collapse the building onto Blockbuster. Aside from a broken rib or two, the heroes survived and won. The four heroes convinced the Justice League they were ready to use what they were given and taught. Robin joined the Team as the youngest and most experienced member. He was given the designation B-01, to be used when scanned by Justice League computers. Aided by his personal mode of transportation, the Redbird motorcycle, Robin also became the unit's strategist, genius, and hacker. However, unlike his mentor, Robin was not voted leader of his team but was promised he would one day. His greatest fear is not being needed by Batman nor the Team, the latter because he is the youngest.

Following the Cadmus fiasco, Robin continued to monitor related data streams. After cross-referencing seemingly unrelated data, he found a pattern: over the past few days, several people who done business with Cadmus met with untimely accidents. Eager to work with the more experienced of teammates, Robin suggested Miss Martian and Superboy be kept out of the unsanctioned mission. On an August 8th mission to protect Dr. Serling Roquette, Robin and Superboy left to pursue the League of Shadows' weapon, the Utility Fog. Robin used his knowledge of WayneTech's security systems to override lockdown and enter the building. He linked up to the mainframe via a cafeteria register and uploaded a virus that rendered the Fog inert before it could steal raw data and send it to the Shadows. On August 19th, Robin went with Batman on a mission to Cape Canaveral to defeat Ra's Al Ghul and prevent his latest doomsday plot. Robin used his ingenuity to neutralize Ubu then ran interference while Batman scaled a satellite modified by Ra's. He then disarmed the satellite of a diamond lens. After tossing it over the edge, he watched in horror as Ra's jumped off after it and fell to his death. On August 26th, 08:15 EDT, Dick Grayson was on hand at the Wayne Foundation to witness Bruce Wayne inspect a package sent to him. It turned out to be Clayface. Batman and Robin were soundly outmatched. Batman assigned the Team to meet up with Robin and track Clayface. However, on August 27th, 04:49 EDT, Clayface attacked the Team and defeated them at 06:17 EDT.

On September 11th, Batman and Robin went after a group of kidnappers. On September 22nd, Dick Grayson attended his first day at Gotham City Academy and sighted Artemis Crock. He quickly took a picture with her and walked away in glee as Crock was unaware of who Grayson was. However, his friend, Barbara Gordon was mildly annoyed with his antics. Later that day, Robin arrived at a hidden Zeta Beam teleporter tube and found Artemis. Inquisitive about her presence, Robin toyed with her before teleporting to the Cave. They were immediately attacked by two android invaders. Robin remained calm per his experience and downloaded the Cave's blueprints and security footage in hopes of outwitting their enemies. Through the course of the incursion and realized an electromagnetic pulse would stop them. With Kid Flash in communication, Robin took a vircator from a X-Ray machine and converted into an ad hoc EMP emitter. However, it needed to be hooked up to the Cave's generator where the androids awaited surrender. Unfortunately, the circuit was incomplete and Robin was captured. Artemis used an arrow to complete the circuit and generate the pulse.

On October 10th, Robin quickly introduced himself to Zatanna, Zatara's daughter, and was rather smitten with her. After the failed training exercise, Robin admitted to Black Canary he no longer wanted to grow up to be like Batman and felt guilt over his leadership decisions. On November 11th, Robin worked with Batman, Aquaman, Aqualad, and the Flash to destroy a Flying Ice Fortress. On November 22nd, Batman assigned the Team a new mission. Since Aqualad was absent, Batman made the logical choice and designated Robin as team leader. In order to prevent an international crisis, Robin had Miss Martian pose as Queen Bee while President Harjavti outed her scheme. In late December, Robin took part of the Team on an unofficial mention to clear Haly's Circus' name in relation to a series of technology thefts across Europe. The Team posed as a trapeze act known as the Daring Danger's. As Dan Danger, he had his abilities stolen by Parasite and suffered a 24 hour period of weakness. Robin managed to steal a flash drive off of Parasite and learned his objective. He notified Interpol agent King Faraday and the Team neutralized Parasite. Robin then deactivated the modified Large Boson Collider before a black hole was generated.

Some time after the Light incident on the New Years holiday and between the end of Team Year Two and early Team Year Five, Grayson resigned from the Robin identity and became Nightwing. He also moved out of Wayne Manor to Bludhaven. On February 16th, 21:31 EST, Team Year Five, Aqualad and Nightwing were working in the Cave when Kid Flash and Artemis arrived, just in time for a new assignment from Batman. On February 17th, after Alpha Squad returned from Verhoyansk, Nightwing made 3D scans of the statue fragments taken from Sportsmaster. It became apparent they fit together. Following the Santa Prisca mission, Nightwing uploaded the corrupted files from Dr. Sandsmark's message and ran them through repair algorithms. He also noticed Aqualad was noticeable shaken up, having just learned Black Manta was his biological father. Aquagirl appeared on screen and shared research she gathered from the Watchtower database. Nightwing noticed the millennia-old statue had something that looked almost like a circuit board. The repairs to Sandsmark's message was a sucess and Nightwing reconstructed and played it for the Team and Batman. Their next lead pointed to Gotham Docks. Nightwing took the lead of Alpha Team.

On February 17th, 20:20 EST, Nightwing and the rest of Alpha ran afoul of snipers working for the Riddler. As they moved through the docks, Alpha ran into more of Riddler's armed goons as well as LexCorp robots. Nightwing searched among several Haly's Circus crates and found a photograph of Dr. Sandsmark and her daughter Cassie. Alpha Squad made their way to Haly's International Circus and were ambushed by Riddler's men. They fought their way to the far ring, where Dr. Sandsmark was tied up. However, they were suddenly attacked by the comatose Psimon and battled him on the mind realm. After they awoke, Nightwing untied Dr. Sandsmark but the Riddler issued more riddles over a loudspeaker. Nightwing deduced Riddler was hiding out in a funhouse with the last statue fragment. He made a request to the Cave for backup to escort Sandsmark to safety. Alpha solved Riddler's puzzle and confronted him. After disabling his giant spinning wheel, they surrounded Riddler. Nightwing socked him and caught the last fragment.

Upon returning to the Cave, it was revealed Klarion stole back the fragments and Aquagirl chased after him through a portal. Nightwing took control of the situation and retrieved the last file Aquagirl was working on - the nature of Tiamat's powers and that it was invulnerable. Nightwing recalled Riddler's riddle about charades and made the connection with Tiamat and Marduk, Marduk somehow shut Tiamat down like any other kind of machine. The Team had no idea where to find Klarion and to make matters worse, there were eight epicenters of seismic activity. Nightwing remembered when Zatanna used a spell to locate Klarion's locus of sorcery when all adults went missing years prior. Zatanna tried the same spell and Klarion was found to be in Bialya. On February 18th, Nightwing formed a Beta Squad and explored the second path found in the Esagila. Making their way up the northwest passage, Beta entered the Sacred Well Room and were immediately encased in a force field by Klarion.

After some back and forth, Nightwing realized the Tablet of Destiny was how Marduk stopped Tiamat. Aquagirl chimed in and revealed the Tablet was an artifact of Order. Klarion left the chamber and left Beta to face Tiamat. As the battle kept on going, Aquagirl suddenly revealed a sarifice was needed to stop Tiamat. Nightwing implored her to stop but Aquagirl knew it was the only way. Nightwing revealed the news to Aqualad and Tempest. As they pulled her body from the debris, Nightwing radioed the Cave and informed them the threat was eliminated. Back at the Cave, Nightwing didn't want to let Aquagirl's sacrifice go in vain and tried to rally the rest of the Team to take the fight to the Light's doorstep. However, Aqualad was missing. While the Team dispersed, Nightwing noticed a message left on a holo screen. It was from Aqualad, who had taken a leave of absence to find answers to some lingering questions. Nightwing was now the leader of the Team.

On December 1st, Team Year Five, Nightwing helped personally recruit Blue Beetle to the Team. The incursions brought on by Kylstar and The Collector of Worlds cut the meeting short. Nightwing invited Reyes to come with them to Metropolis. Alpha Squad were concealed by Zatanna's glamour spell and infiltrated The Collector's ship. Nightwing became alarmed when could not communicate with Martian Manhunter who was ejected from the ship along with the Flash and Atom. Alpha Squad was attacked by The Collector but Blue Beetle and Sphere saved them. Help came in the sudden arrival of those taken by Kylstar. On Nightwing's orders, Lagoon Boy blasted the Collector into pieces. The Collector, however, was not destroyed but in a surprising turn was amicable to discussion once he discovered Superman was a Kryptonian and his generator probe was in danger. On December 2nd, 00:16 EST, Grayson returned to his home in Bludhaven to find Barbara Gordon waiting. They went inside and celebrated his belated birthday.

Nightwing, along with Miss Martian and Superboy, had declined an offer to become members of the Justice League citing they were fine with where they were. On January 4th, Team Year Six, Nightwing briefed the Team on a coordinated mission with the Justice League. He joined Wonder Girl on Alpha Squad and flew to Philadelphia with the Super-Cycle to hit a suspected Krolotean base. However, one Krolotean escaped and one Zeta Platform was found to be non-operational. On January 6th, Nightwing was present when the Zeta Squad returned from Rann. He then participated in a joint mission to Malina Island and confronted Aqualad. However, Nightwing was forced to try and stop a bomb, allowing Aqualad to escape capture. However, Nightwing realized it was an alien bomb and couldn't disarm it. He ordered everyone to retreat to the Bio Ship.

On January 26th, Nightwing was present when some of the League left Earth for Rimbor. On February 13th, Nightwing took the night off and went to Washington, D.C. to take part in an intervention for Red Arrow. Nightwing brought up the fact that he, Kid Flash, and Aqualad never knew the original Speedy and trained and befriended him from the start. On February 28th, Nightwing went over Krolotean intelligence, taken from Malina Island, that was recently fully decrypted and translated. However, while pondering what a meta-gene was, Nightwing was interrupted by the arrival of Bart Allen. After he neutralized Allen, Nightwing offered him a drink to both take a DNA sample and trick him into swallowing a subcutaneous micro tracker. After Impulse left to head for Central City, Nightwing called Wally West for help with the situation. Nightwing later confirmed Impulse was a biological match with Barry and Iris Allen.

On March 19th, Nightwing went into the field with Gamma Squad to protect the Earth-Mars-Communication-Satellite at Cape Canaveral. He called Artemis out of retirement to take part in the next phase of his secret mission to expose the Light once and for all. Artemis was to fake her death at the hands of Kaldur'ahm. Nightwing rushed to her side and declared her dead. On March 20th, 04:00 EDT, Nightwing met with Kaldur'ahm, Wally West, and Artemis Crock in Bludhaven. He placed a Glamour Charm he acquired from Zatanna onto Artemis. Artemis was now disguised as someone else and left with Kaldur'ahm. On March 23rd, during battle, Nightwing was secretly given a flash drive by Kaldur'ahm containing vital intelligence. West was not so sure of Kaldur'ahm's loyalties and confronted Nightwing in the Hall of Justice. Nightwing used the intelligence to craft a rescue mission on a Reach Ship in the Pacific Ocean.

On April 1st, Nightwing welcomed Superboy, Miss Martian, Mal Duncan, Wolf, and Super Cycle to makeshift sleeping quarters in a warehouse in Bludhaven. On April 2nd, he attended a meeting with Captain Atom, Black Canary, and two scientists at the Taos branch of S.T.A.R. Labs to talk about the Reach and their Metagene research. On April 8th, 09:02 EDT, Nightwing gave Robin leadership of Alpha Squad and assigned the unit to covertly investigate LexCorp Farms. At the conclusion of their mission, Nightwing and Superboy attained permission from Jonathan Kent to use his farm to learn more about Green Beetle. On April 9th, Nightwing and Superboy arrived too late to save Miss Martian from being kidnapped by Tigress and Deathstroke. They took Lagoon Boy to the hospital, who was in a rage. Nightwing revealed the truth about Aqualad and Artemis' deep cover mission. Once outside, Superboy berated him for keeping secrets and revealed Miss Martian was kidnapped because she fried Kaldur'ahm's mind.

On May 23rd, Nightwing attended a briefing aboard the Watchtower on long range scans of the Warworld. He and Captain Atom then met with Green Beetle and Adam Strange at S.T.A.R. Labs Taos to go over intelligence on Mongul and Warworld. On May 26th, Nightwing and Aquaman monitored the joint mission from the Watchtower. On May 27th, 06:04 EDT, Nightwing arrived on the Warworld through a portal generated by Dr. Fate. After taking Blue Beetle's statement and ordering him to go home, Nightwing investigated the docking bay on his own. He found scratch marks, the damaged airlock panel, and one of Robin's Birdarangs. Upon scanning it, Nightwing learned there were traces of Blue Beetle's armor on the Birdarang. On May 28th, 20:04 EDT, after watching a recap of Blue Beetle's public debut, Nightwing angrily snapped the Birdarang in half.

On May 30th, Nightwing and Miss Martian flew around the Warworld in the Bio-Ship in search of the Team. After several hours, they boarded the Warworld and encountered Sphere. She changed into Super-Cycle and took them right to the rest of the Team. However, the room was sealed and there were many Reach soldiers waiting. The trio took them out and led the rest of the Team and runaways back to the Bio-Ship. Nightwing passed the decision to dismiss Arsenal from the Team once they returned to Earth for endangering teammates several times in order to further his own agenda or guard against personal demons but also noted he could rejoin if he proved himself. Nightwing was shocked to see Asami Koizumi with a Father Box and watched as the runaways and Arsenal boomed away. On June 19th, Nightwing took part in the Santa Prisca mission. At 05:24 EDT, he returned command of the Team back to Aqualad despite praise for his leadership under dire circumstances. Nightwing agreed with the assessment and insisted that was exactly why he was giving up the title.

On June 20th, Nightwing was assigned to Epsilon Squad with B'arzz O'oomm during the strike on the Magnetic Field Disrupters. After the Reach was defeated and removed from the planet, on July 4th, Nightwing turned in a leave of absence citing his need for a break after Kid Flash's death. Aqualad understood and accepted Nightwing's leave. Nightwing reiterated Batgirl was willing to step up and help lead the Team. He watched as Aqualad presided over the Team and handed out assignments. Nightwing commented "Business as usual" and left the Watchtower.