Lagoon Boy

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Real Identity: La'gaan
Affiliation(s): Conservatory of Sorcery and The Team
Appearances: Downtime, Happy New Year, Alienated, Salvage, Depths, Darkest, Before The Dawn, Cornered, True Colors, The Fix, Intervention, Summit, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Under The Surface..., ...Here There Be Monsters, Players Chapter One, Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Magic, Underwater Survival, Size-Changing, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Yuri Lowenthal

La'gaan was enrolled at the Conservatory of Sorcery in Poseidonis at 12 years old. On September 6th, Team Year Zero, he met Superboy and Miss Martian. Excited to meet them, La'gaan asked about the surface. On September 7th, La'gaan helped battle the Purists at Old Roman's Trench. Between Team Year One and Five, he became a member of the Team as Lagoon Boy. As of February 16th, Team Year Five, Bumblebee and Lagoon Boy were on special assignment. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Lagoon Boy was assigned to Beta Squad but was delegated to back up in the cloaked Bio-Ship while the rest of the Team mixed into a public crowd in Metropolis. He was soon joined by Miss Martian and reassigned to investigate a Zeta-radiation signal on the Moon.

Lagoon Boy pointed out the kidnapping of Superboy and some Justice Leaguers then a spherical field surrounding Metropolis at the same time was rather suspicious. On the way, Lagoon Boy voiced his frustrations with not fitting in because of his appearance. Miss Martian revealed her true form then mimicked his own. They nearly kissed but the proximity alert activated. Due to the lack of external docking bays nor airlocks, Lagoon Boy was forced to stay behind in the Bio Ship and prepare for departure while Miss Martian entered Kylstar's Vessel. After being beamed onto The Collector's ship, Lagoon Boy followed Nightwing's orders and blasted The Collector.

At some point, Lagoon Boy and Miss Martian began dating. On January 1st, 18:18 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Six, Lagoon Boy lost another sparring match against Nightwing. On January 4th, Lagoon Boy was assigned to Gamma Squad with Robin and Blue Beetle. After tracing zeta radiation underwater, Lagoon Boy was sent ahead to scout. He discovered an entrance and held it open for his team mates. Lagoon Boy inflated himself as the squad engaged a swarm of Kroloteans. On January 6th, Lagoon Boy and Aquaman infiltrated the Malina Island base by sea and spied on the operation before Aqualad opened fire on them. When Aqualad was revealed, Lagoon Boy was not as forgiving as the senior members of the Team.

On March 19th, Lagoon Boy was assigned to Gamma Squad and took part in a mission to safeguard the Earth-Mars-Communication-Satellite. In order to maximize the Team's efficiency, Nightwing posted Lagoon Boy in the ocean. However, he was not pleased Miss Martian and Superboy were together performing aerial surveillance. Once Lagoon Boy discovered several Manta-men, he disobeyed orders and engaged them alone. Lagoon Boy was soon rendered unconscious by Kaldur'ahm. In order to save his life, Kaldur'ahm quickly ordered Lagoon Boy to be taken away to serve as a specimen for the Light's partner. Kaldur'ahm sedated Lagoon Boy, secretly inserting a microscopic tag that the Team would be able to track. Lagoon Boy awoke near pods containing Shimmer and kidnapped teenagers. On March 30th, Kaldur'ahm observed Lagoon Boy among the kidnapped teenagers and insisted he already had powers. The Scientist posited Lagoon Boy's powers were based on training and sorcery. Beyond that, he was likely an average Atlantean. Lagoon Boy was later freed by Barbara Gordon and Tim Drake. Lagoon Boy joined the battle against Black Beetle but was no match. He later rescued Blue Beetle and brought him aboard the Bio-Ship.

On April 1st, Lagoon Boy was debriefed by Black Canary at the Taos branch of S.T.A.R. Labs. The next day, he tried to call Miss Martian but she declined to answer. On April 9th, Lagoon Boy confronted Miss Martian and wanted to know why she was avoiding him and what was going on with her and Superboy. Miss Martian agreed to talk and they took a Zeta-Tube to Chicago to discuss further in John Jones' apartment. However, they were ambushed by Deathstroke and Tigress. Lagoon Boy sustained an ankle injury and was knocked out by Deathstroke. Nightwing and Superboy remanded him to a hospital but he was in an agitated state. When Lagoon Boy verbally assaulted Superboy, Nightwing came clean with the truth about Aqualad and Artemis' deep cover mission. Lagoon Boy returned to Poseidonis to continue with his recovery. By June 13th, Lagoon Boy was healed up and planned on taking a Zeta-Tube back to the surface the next day. At 23:45 UTC+2, he was surprised to see Miss Martian came to personally pick him up. However, on the flight back, Miss Martian broke up with Lagoon Boy.

On June 19th, Lagoon Boy took part in the Santa Prisca mission. He took the place of a League of Shadows soldier along with Beast Boy and Blue Beetle. He briefly fought against Ubu then saved Miss Martian from Klarion's flame construct. On June 20th, Lagoon Boy and Aqualad comprised Omega Squad and took out the Magnetic Field Generator in the Atlantic Ocean. During the assault, they worked out the tension that developed as a result of Aqualad's secret deep cover mission. On July 4th, Lagoon Boy was assigned to Gamma Squad to follow up on Batgirl's lead on Vandal Savage's next move.