Green Lantern (Guy Gardner)

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Real Identity: Guy Gardner
Affiliation(s): Green Lantern Corps and Justice League
Appearance(s): Revelation and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Wields the Green Power Ring
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Guy Gardner became one of the three Green Lanterns from Earth and was infamous for not liking anyone. He soon fell into a coma. Seven years later, in March Team Year Zero, Gardner awoke and resumed his duties. On October 1, 16:57 Pacific Daylight Time (PDT), Team Year Zero, the 33 year old Gardner saved a loaded school bus tossed over a bridge in Star City. On November 25th, Flash nominated Gardner to join the Justice League but was quickly turned down by Hal Jordan and John Stewart.

Gardner was eventually inducted to the Justice League. He met the newest Blue Beetle and begrudgingly admitted to liking him. Gardner's testimony, along with Peacemaker and Captain Atom's led to Blue Beetle being recruited to the Team. In Team Year Six, while on Oa with Hal Jordan, Gardner was sent to Rimbor to make sure the High Court knew the Justice League was coming in peace and expected a fair trial. On June 20th, Gardner returned to Earth along with everyone else who left for Rimbor. On July 4th, Gardner, Stewart, and Jordan escorted the Reach delegation to Oa to stand trial for breaching their peace treaty with the Guardians of the Universe.