Blue Devil

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Real Identity: Dan Cassidy
Appearance(s): Revelation and Endgame
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Physical Attributes and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Blue Devil is a demonic superhero who uses a trident capable of firing energy blasts. He is an ally of the Justice League. On October 2, 07:56 National Standard Time (NST), Team Year Zero, Blue Devil assisted the Flash and Captain Atom in battling Plant Creatures in Taipei. However, Blue Devil's attacks damaged a power plant. Captain Atom flew over the plant and absorbed the nuclear radiation. On November 25th, Blue Devil was nominated to join the Justice League but was not selected for membership. On June 20th, Team Year Six, Blue Devil was assigned the A-15 designation and to Mu Squad with Dr. Fate for the coordinated strikes on the Reach's Magnetic Field Disrupters.