Black Lightning

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Real Identity: Jefferson Pierce
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearances: Happy New Year, Salvage, Cornered, Summit, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Electrical Manipulation
Voiced By: Khary Payton

Some time in the five year gap between the Light's subversion of the Justice League and Lobo's brief appearance on Earth, Black Lightning was recruited by the League. On December 1st, Team Year Five, Pierce was in Suicide Slum when a spherical field formed around most of Metropolis. Pierce was hailed by Beta Squad and he confirmed communications with the Watchtower were down as were the local Zeta-Tubes. He volunteered to investigate the probe that landed in the city and shut it down to drop the field. Jim Harper accompanied him. Black Lightning confirmed the probe was at the exact center of the force-field sphere but he was unable to destroy much less affect it. He requested Beta Squad to attack the probe from the inside out. At 18:16 EST, Black Lightning and Harper became preoccupied with dispersing rioters and looters outside Whelmed Electronics. At 18:31 EST, they had the crowd under control. Black Lightning implored some to calm down and return home while the Justice League dealt with the situation. At 18:33 EST, they returned to Batgirl but there was no sign of Match.

On January 4th, Team Year Six, Black Lightning was among the members who participated in the simultaneous strike on the Kroloteans. Black Lightning appeared in New Orleans alongside Plastic Man, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern. On February 13th, 21:51 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Black Lightning was present in the Watchtower when the Zeta Shield was activated. On April 1st, Black Lightning attempted to breach Despero's shield around the Hall of Justice but was unsuccessful. On June 19th, Black Lightning guarded the Warworld's Crystal Key Chamber with Black Canary and Captain Marvel. At 04:20 UTC, they encountered Vandal Savage. At 05:27 EDT, they were boomed to the Watchtower in unconscious states. On June 20th, Black Lightning and Virgil Hawkins worked together as Delta Squad to neutralize the Magnetic Field Disrupter in Dakota City. He was impressed by Hawkins' potential and offered to be his mentor if he ever needed one.