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Real Identity: King Orin
Affiliation(s): Justice League
Appearance(s): Independence Day Part One, Part Two, Downtime, Homefront, Revelation, Coldhearted, Agendas, Usual Suspects, Auld Acquaintance, Happy New Year, Alienated, Before The Dawn, War, Intervention, Summit, and Endgame
Appearances (Comics): Stopover, Monkey Business, Face Your Fears (Memory), What's The Story?, Fears, The Pit..., and ...Here There Be Monsters
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Maritime Telepathy, Enhanced Strength, Underwater Survival, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By: Phil LaMarr

King Orin is the current ruler of Atlantis and watches over 2/3 of the planet. While Atlantean, Orin was raised for time by a human foster father. Many also know him as the superhero Aquaman. Years ago, Aquaman joined several heroes from the surface world to aid in a crisis.

Aquaman eventually co-founded the Justice League as its 6th member. During a battle against Ocean Master, who was secretly his older brother Orm, Aquaman was defeated and aided by two students named Garth and Kaldur'ahm. Aquaman recovered and defeated Ocean Master. He contemplated the need for someone to one day inherit the mantle of Aquaman and he offered the boys the chance to become his protege. Garth turned down the offer but Kaldur'ahm accepted and became Aqualad.

Two years later, on July 4th, at 6:02 Hawaiian Standard Time (HST), 29 year old Aquaman and Aqualad defeated Killer Frost then traveled to the Hall of Justice in Washington D.C. somehow beating Flash and Kid Flash. On July 5th, 12:41:16 Coordinated Universal Time Offset -03 (UTC-03), in the Atlantic Ocean, Aqualad clarified he and others meant no disrespect to the Justice League. Aquaman quickly acknowledged their actions were rather wise. On August 21st, he attended Kent Nelson's funeral. On August 27th, he and Queen Mera announced they were going to have a child. However, the celebrations were interrupted when he was called away for Justice League mission to Tokyo Bay.

On September 7th, Aquaman was on a mission with the Justice League but later returned to Poseidonis. He pardoned Ronal for helping defeat Ocean-Master. At 07:01 UTC-2, he thanked Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian for their help. On September 22nd, Aquaman arrived with other members of the Justice League to find the Cave invaded, the Team neutralized, and Red Tornado missing. On October 2nd, 01:55 Central European Summer Time (CEST), Aquaman and Martian Manhunter fought Plant Creatures in Paris, France. They later arrived in Bayou Bartholomew with the rest of the Justice League. On November 11th, Aquaman worked with Aqualad, Batman, Flash, and Robin to destroy a Flying Ice Fortress. Over time, Aquaman also became mentor to Tempest, Aquagirl, and Lagoon Boy. On February 1st, Team Year One, Aquaman became a father. Orin and Mera's son Artur was born.

On February 17th, Team Year Five, Aquaman went to Santa Prisca to investigate the sudden rise of toxic metals in the water and soil. After a communication with Watchtower in the vicinity of Atabey's Shrine, Aquaman was captured by Bane. Bane kept Aquaman's belt buckle while he was transferred to the custody of Black Manta, who relished the chance to kill his sworn enemy. The Team, meanwhile, deduced Lex Luthor's connection to the Light's global search for fragments of a millenia-old statue and went to Santa Prisca. Batman transmitted rendezvous coordinates to Alpha Squad but they ran into Black Manta Troopers instead. Alpha made their way to the drilling site under Atabey's Shrine. They disabled the Manta Flyer before it could fully power up then destroyed several generators, freeing Aquaman, and defeated Black Manta. Black Manta suddenly revealed Aquaman had been keeping something from Aqualad for years. Aquaman quickly reminded Alpha that Luthor was getting away with the statue fragment.

Aquaman elected to slow down Luthor's hovercrafts from below the surface while Apha targeted the engines. They reunited on the lead craft and ran for Luthor but he fled the scene. Back at Mount Justice, Aqualad pushed Aquaman to explain what Black Manta was alluding to. Aquaman revealed Black Manta was Aqualad's biological father. Shocked at the revelation and Aquaman's choice to protect with a lie, Aqualad stormed off. Distraught, Aquaman didn't continue and exited the Cave by Zeta-Tube.

In Team Year Six, Aquaman was shaken out of his denial when he saw firsthand that Aqualad was now working with Black Manta. He voiced his regret over concealing the fact Black Manta was Aqualad's biological father. This did little to sway Aqualad and he fired a missile at the heroes. On March 31st, Aquaman joined a conversation between Captain Atom and Nightwing to inform them of the Reach going public before the Justice League could expose them. On May 23rd, 21:21 EDT, Aquaman attended a briefing aboard the Watchtower on what would be later identified as the Warworld. He helped in the rescue effort when Warworld's gravitational influence caused mini-tidal waves.

On May 26th, Aquaman and Nightwing coordinated the joint offensive on the Warworld. On May 30th, Aquaman guarded the Crystal Key chamber with The Atom and Flash. On June 19th, 05:24 EDT, Aquaman was present on the Watchtower when Aqualad was given back leadership of the Team from Nightwing. Things took an unexpected term when the unconscious Black Canary, Captain Marvel, and Black Lightning were returned to the Watchtower by a Hush Tube and watched as the Warworld left Earth's orbit. On June 20th, Aquaman was assigned to Eta Squad with Tempest to disable the Magnetic Field Disrupters.