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Real Identity: Teekl
Appearances: Denial, Revelation, Misplaced, Insecurity, Auld Acquaintance, and Summit
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Magical Anchor
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Teekl is the familiar of Klarion the Witch Boy. It manifested as an orange cat with black tiger-like stripes and fulfills the role of confidant, servant, and spy. Its true purpose is to serve as anchor for Klarion to reality. Thus, he can maintain an indefinite presence on the physical plane. Considered a lesser demon, Teekl and all familiars don't possess a body but rather possess the personality that its owner needs. Since then, Teekl has never strayed far from Klarion's side. It also reflects its master's evil and has a short temper towards others.

On August 19th, 20:22 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), Teekl observed the arrival of the Team in Salem. He quickly alerted Klarion. Klarion, Teekl, and Abra Kadabra then forced Kent Nelson to open the door to the revealed Tower of Fate. Unable to directly defeat Klarion, Dr. Fate blasted Teekl. Klarion was then forced to flee the physical plane with the injured Teekl. Since then Teekl recovered and was with Klarion as the Light reviewed the attacks instigated by the Injustice League on October 1st. On November 5th, Teekl was tasked with selecting a piece of land on Roanoke Island for Klarion to lay down a pentagram and the Ambre Jeune Perdu. The Team later tried to attack Teekl and force Klarion to flee. Instead, Klarion transformed him into a giant beast who fought Superboy. Once the gem was destroyed, Klarion gathered Teekl and left the island.

On February 18th, Team Year Five, Teekl accompanied Klarion to the Sacred Well Room in the Esagila to reactivate Tiamat. He lay perched on a console while Klarion used Aquagirl's magic to feed the Light's machines. As the Beta Squad arrived, Klarion encased them in a force field and toyed with Nightwing as he continued to inquire about the Light's plan. Teekl urged Klarion to get to the point. Klarion revealed the Tablet of Destiny, an object of Order used to control Tiamat. Teekl snatched up the Tablet and walked to the next chamber room. Teekl was caught offguard by Aqualad and dropped the Tablet. Enraged, Klarion ordered Blockbuster to attack. However, Blockbuster was defeated. In a rage, Klarion blasted Aqualad and the Tablet was broken. Teekl calmed Klarion down and reminded him there were other things to do and people to see. They exited the chamber through a portal.