Mr. Tawny

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances: Alpha Male
Appearances (Comics): Monkey Business
Powers/Skills: Above Average Physical and Mental Attributes
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

On September 10th, an Indian Tiger was captured by Monsieur Mallah. Mayor Hill sighted it and prepared to shoot it when Mallah attacked him. The tiger was taken back to the Brain and subjected to Kobra Venom and brain enhancement. Once outfitted with a Proprietary Collar, the tiger aided the villains in luring more animals to pylons that neutralize any living being. On September 23rd, the tiger took an interest in Captain Marvel and lured him to the pylons. It attempted to intervene and save Marvel. Captain Marvel returned the favor and destroyed its collar. He also named the tiger Mr. Tawny and promised to visit often. Meanwhile, Mr. Tawny was tasked with watching over the other freed animals.