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Real Identity: Edward Nigma
Affiliation(s): The Light
Appearances: Terrors, Misplaced, and Usual Suspects
Appearances (Games): Legacy
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence and Strategy
Voiced By: Dave Franco and Jason Spisak (Legacy)

Edward Nigma suffers from a compulsion to speak in riddles and jokes, whether it stems from insansity or neurosis. At age 20, Nigma became a supervillain named the Riddler and often taunted his victims with riddles or subjected them to frivolous and tortuous games. He wasn't taken very seriously by other criminals but was later recruited by the Light to function as its master strategist. In Belle Reve Penitentiary, the 30 year old Riddler was something of an outcast among the prisoners. However, he became the first and only prisoner to escape from Belle Reve. On November 5th, Riddler and Sportsmaster stole the remains of Starro from S.T.A.R. Labs Gotham. Riddler posed as an employee and easily stole it. The pair then delivered it to the Brain. On December 30th, Riddler set a trap in the Smokey Mountains to deal with the Team. He activated several pylons that generated a forcefield and forced a battle. Riddler was bound and gagged by Zatanna.

While tracking Lex Luthor's operations, Red Arrow began to observe several meetings between Luthor and Riddler. On September 16th, 21:45 Eastern Standard Time (EST), Team Year Four, Lex Luthor met with Riddler at Gotham's Museum of Antiquities - in the Babylonian Wing to likely discuss a heist of a fragment of the Tiamat statue. On February 15th, 20:00 Moscow Standard Time (MSK), Team Year Five, Luthor and Riddler met in Moscow to discuss the Tiamat statue. Red Arrow got close enough to realize Speedy had no role at all in Luthor's operations.

After three months, Riddler pieced the clues about Tiamat together and manipulated the start of a dig in Greece. Riddler and the Light monitored Sandsmark's team's satellites at every turn. Riddler led Sandsmark to the location of the Tiamat statue fragment near Olympia. When she refused to give it up, the Riddler had her kidnapped. On February 17th, Team Year Five, the Riddler inititated his role in the Light's plans to awaken Tiamat. He set up a trap in Gotham City to distract the Team while Klarion took the Tiamat statue to Bialya. Dr. Sandsmark overheard one of Riddler's men mentioning Gotham City and recorded another message. The Team took the bait and sent Alpha Squad to Gotham Docks.

On February 17th, 20:20 EST, Alpha ran afoul of the Riddler's goons and various LexCorp robots. Playing into the Riddler's scheme, the Team discovered crates marked for Haly's Circus. They went to Haly's International Circus and were ambushed. They fought their way to the far ring for Dr. Sandsmark but the Riddler, through unknown means, controlled the comatose Psimon and had him attack. After they defeated Psimon and freed Sandsmark, Alpha was subjected another of the Riddler's riddles - that they would find him at an 'amusing abode.' Nightwing immediatelt deduced Riddler was at the Funhouse. Riddler then hinted he was taking part in one of the oldest charades ever played, a nod to how Marduk really defeated Tiamat, then subjected them to a color-themed puzzle.

After inputting the color code blue, yellow, blue, green and red, Alpha was granted passage to the Riddler's location. Riddler was perched atop a giant wheel. Each time it stopped spinning, the wheel would dispense a 'prize' for Alpha - goons to fight, poison gas, a bombardment of explosives or the chance to lower Riddler's pedestal. Once the pedestal was completely whittled away, Riddler was surrounded. Nightwing collared him, socked him, and caught the final fragment. Dr. Sandsmark alerted the Team that the fragment was a fake.