Red Volcano

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Real Identity: Red Volcano
Appearances: Humanity and Runaways
Powers/Skills: Geokinesis and Enhanced Physical Attributes
Voiced By: Jeff Bennett

Red Volcano is an android created by T.O. Morrow in the present era. As the "younger brother" to Red Torpedo, Red Inferno, and Red Tornado, Red Inferno is equipped with a next generation processor and the power to manipulate earth. Morrow also did not program Volcano with heroism and tasked it to destroy humanity. With a copy of Red Tornado's memory files, Red Volcano would easily anticipate the world's heroes' moves and destroy them once and for all. Staying true to its programming, Volcano killed Morrow only to discover he was also an android.

Red Volcano proceeded to carry out Morrow's master plan to take over the world by activating a semi-dormant supervolcano beneath Yellowstone National Park to cover the world in an ash cloud. While humanity struggled to survive, the four androids would conquer the world with an army. Posing as Morrow, Volcano learned from Professor Ivo that the Team was on its way. It tasked Red Tornado with killing them. However, it anticipated Tornado would not and fought the Team. Red Tornado appealed to his elder brother and sister's heroism and the trio destroyed Red Volcano by suspending him in lava.

At some point later, Red Volcano was rebuilt. On May 13th, over five years later, Red Volcano was sent by Lex Luthor to S.T.A.R. Labs mainly in part to distract Blue Beetle from taking four runaway teenagers with powers back to the Reach. Red Volcano arrived in the Zeta Lab and disabled the Zeta-Tube to prevent any Justice Leaguers from arriving. Blue Beetle arrived but was defeated and buried in pavement. Red Volcano then forced Eduardo Dorado Senior to take it to the vault. Angered at the absence of Amazo's head, Red Volcano nearly killed Eduardo Senior but Eduardo Junior teleported him to safety just outside the vault.

Asami Koizumi and Virgil Hawkins attempted to confront Red Volcano but their attacks did nothing against it. Tye Longshadow's astral form grabbed Red Volcano and tossed it up in the air for Blue Beetle to blast. Blue Beetle attacked Red Volcano with his sound cannons and slowly began to win the battle. It resorted to trapping the four teenagers and threatening to kill them. Blue Beetle ignored them and continued attacking. Blue Beetle got close enough to drill into Red Volcano's chest then shot a sonic cannon directly inside. The vibrations imploded Red Volcano and it went off-line.