Alec Rois

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Real Identity: Alec Rois
Affiliation(s): Central Intelligence Agency
Appearances (Comics): Hot Case
Powers/Skills: Brainwashing and Demolitions
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Alec Rois was a C.I.A. spy who specialized in multiple fields, including brainwashing and demolitions. In 1968, Rois was stationed in Vietnam and Cambodia. He became part of a weapons smuggling ring led by Air Force Colonel Wade Eiling. Rois eventually retired from the C.I.A. and dropped off the radar. After staging his death, Rois blew up the house of Henry Yarrow, a co-conspirator, which also contained retired Sergeant Enos Polk, another co-conspirator. On August 14th, 03:26 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), the Team stepped into a trap set up by Rois, Yarrow, and Rako. Rois held a deadman's switch and threatened to detonate the entire hangar if the Team provoked him. However, Miss Martian used her telekinesis to keep his thumb down while Artemis fired a trick arrow on him. A chemical compound formed over his arm and the trigger. Kid Flash then knocked him out.

Rois and Rako were turned over to the local police in St. George. They soon escaped. After Rois stashed Rako someplace safe, he met with General Eiling in the Pentagon on August 15th, 00:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). Yarrow took the fall for the ring, the ring itself was thinned down to Eiling, Rois, and Rako, Eiling was no longer suspected, and Captain Atom was now on good terms with the General.