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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (Comics): Face Your Fears
Powers/Skills: Empathic Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Psycho-Pirate, while wearing the Medusa Mask, can control and manipulate the emotions of his victims. In Team Year Zero, Psycho-Pirate was hired by Atomic Skull to steal a canister of Plutonium in Salt Flats, Colorado. Besides payment, Psycho-Pirate looked forward to the fun of it. On July 25th, at 13:21 Mountain Daylight Time (MDT), the Team opposed Psycho-Pirate. He forced civilians to hate and attack the Team while he rendezvoused with Atomic Skull. Kid Flash's hyper metabolism allowed him to shake off the effects of the Medusa Mask. He stripped Psycho-Pirate of the mask, which rendered him in a catatonic-like state. While Atomic Skull escaped, the Team returned the Plutonium and took Psycho-Pirate into custody.