Professor Ivo

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Real Identity: Anthony "Tony" Ivo
Appearances: Schooled, Terrors, Humanity, and Insecurity
Appearances (Comics): Rabbit Holes and Wonderland
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence and Technology
Voiced By: Peter MacNicol

Professor Ivo is a scientific criminal genius and rival of T.O. Morrow. After an encounter with the Justice League, Ivo was presumed dead. He survived and created the androids Amazo and MONQI. Aboard a train, Ivo dispatched Amazo to attack Green Arrow and Black Canary in Litchfield County then his MONQI's to extract Amazo. He was amused when Superboy arrived to stop him and unleashed a rebuilt Amazo. Not one to actively take part in battle, Ivo followed Amazo and Superboy to the Gotham City Academy to take in the action. From outside, Artemis saw Ivo and noted she saw him with her father before. Superboy altered his tactics and began to attack Ivo instead of Amazo. Robin and Kid Flash followed suit. While compensating, Amazo was defeated by Superboy. Professor Ivo managed to flee the school and evade arrest. Ivo then became a Justice League priority for capture.

Ivo was eventually caught and sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Ivo's role in Icicle Senior's plan was to deliver new orange jumpsuits with microtech thermal units sewn into the fabric to insulate the prisoners while the ice villains created an exit. On October 10th, 18:35 CDT, the Team was allowed a five minute session with Ivo by Warden Strange. Kid Flash deduced he was T.O. Morrow's biggest competitor and would know Morrow's location. Ivo resisted Miss Martian's telepathy but was overcome by one of Zatanna's spells and revealed the exact location. After the Team departed, Strange and Ivo contacted Morrow's base and attempted to issue a warning. On December 4th, Professor Ivo was extracted from Belle Reve Penitentiary by Sportsmaster. Ivo left a robot duplicate in his place. On December 5th, Ivo was brought to a warehouse in New Orleans to work alongside The Brain and Klarion. Despite Klarion's teasing, Ivo agreed to help but needed his equipment.

Sportsmaster took a boat north to Orleans Parish and waited for Ivo's train to pass. He received an attache case. Ivo opened the case and commanded a MONQI to administer Utility Fog onto the stolen Starro sample. Once the task was complete, Klarion teleported everyone away. By December 6th, Ivo was back in his prison cell.