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Real Identity: Raymond Jensen
Affiliation(s): Intergang
Appearances: Performance
Powers/Skills: Power and Ability Theft
Voiced By: Adam Baldwin

Raymond Jensen was born in 1977. As Parasite, he was a known as a villain who once stole Superman's powers. His victims feel a clear and definite weakness when he makes tactile contact and feeds off their powers and abilities. In late December, Parasite worked for Intergang and went under cover in Europe. He joined Haly's Circus at the start of their European tour as a roustabout, a temporary labourer. At each stop on the circus' tour, Parasite took the abilities of performers and used them to break into manufacturing plants and steal technology in Madrid, Paris, and Bruges. While the circus was on route to Geneva, Parasite was surprised to steal the powers of Martian Manhunter and Superman from two teenage trapeze artists. Still on the clock, Parasite took his weapon and flew to Geneva rather than finish off the Team. Parasite easily entered the Large Boson Collider and began making modifications.

On December 24th, 00:37 Central European Time (CET), the Team confronted Parasite as he turned on the Collider. Since Parasite had Miss Martian's powers, the Team theorized he also had her weaknesses. While Superboy rushed Parasite, the rest of the Team quickly devised a plan to neutralize Parasite and turn off the Collider in due time. Red Arrow and Artemis used two of their Trick Arrows to set off a fire. Parasite quickly succombed to the flames and passed out. King Faraday entered the laboratory and affixed a Proprietary Collar to him. Parasite was arrested and Haly's Circus was cleared of any involvement with the thefts.