Monsieur Mallah

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Real Identity: Mallah
Appearances: Alpha Male, Misplaced, Insecurity, Auld Acquaintance, and Summit
Appearances (Comics): Monkey Business and Gorilla Warfare
Powers/Skills: Above Average Intelligence and Armed Combat
Voiced By: Dee Bradley Baker

Mallah was born in 2002. During experimentation on African gorillas in Bwunda, the League of Shadows captured Mallah. He was one of the younger males in the troop. The Brain and Ultra-Humanite experimented on Mallah's brain. Mallah gained heightened intelligence and sentience. He willingly betrayed his troop and stood by the Brain's side, even helping capture other gorillas. Mallah helped capture Tolifhar then removed his brain. Mallah and the Brain then placed the Ultra-Humanite's brain within Tolifhar's body. Ultra-Humanite and Mallah then transferred the Brain from his body to a receptacle.

On September 10th, the Brain and Mallah settled in Northern India and captured an Indian Tiger. Monsieur Mallah protected his capture from hunters led by Mayor Hill. The incident made the news and was featured in several periodicals such as the News of the Planet and Gotham Truth Rag. Mallah took the beret from one of the hunters and wore it as its own. Over the course of nearly two weeks, the Brain and Mallah subjected various elephants, wolves, vultures, crocodiles, and monkeys to Kobra Venom and took control of them with Proprietary Collars.

On September 23rd, the Brain was set to perform explorative surgery when the Team arrived. Mallah was sent to deal with them but was shoved back into the compound by Miss Martian's telekinesis. Furthermore, Robin and Artemis destroyed Mallah's signature Sub-machine gun. During the retreat from the Team, Mallah lost his beret and Kid Flash took it for his souvenir collection. Since then, Mallah acquired another beret. The Brain and Mallah went to Gorilla City in Bwunda and worked with Ultra-Humanite on gorilla enhancements. On September 27th, Mallah was defeated by his former troop and the Team but evaded capture. On December 5th, Monsieur Mallah accompanied the Brain to New Orleans.

On January 1st, Team Year One, Mallah helped the Light raid Project Cadmus and wheeled out Match. On June 19th, Team Year Six, Mallah attended the Santa Prisca summit with the Brain. In the battle against the Team, Mallah was defeated by Beast Boy.