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Real Identity: Kylstar
Appearances (Comics): Players Chapter Two, Players Chapter Three, Players Chapter Four, Players Chapter Five, and Players Chapter Six
Powers/Skills: Energy Manipulation, Enhanced Strength, and Invulnerability
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Kylstar's home planet was destroyed and his race enslaved. Kylstar set out to gather weapons in order to free his people. As the self-proclaimed "First Leader," Kylstar landed its ship on the Moon and on December 1st, Team Year Five, teleported several "assets" from Earth into containers in Weapons Room 16. Brainiac, as a courtesy, waited until Kylstar was finished then proceeded with its own plans. In total, Kylstar kidnapped Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, Major Force, Maxima, Superboy, Superman, Vartox, Wonder Woman, Black Adam, Blockbuster, Devastation, Draaga, the Terror Twins, and Gorilla Grodd. At 16:16 UTC, Kylstar received an alert that five containers were nonfunctional. Superboy, Superman, Wonder Woman, Captain Atom, and Captain Marvel were loose. At 19:36 UST, Kylstar and Orb-One placed them in a substitute container then launched their ship.

At 22:31 UTC, Kylstar spoke to the heroes through Orb-One and regarded them simply as weapons. After they tried to escape again, Kylstar decided to personally "reprogram" their flawed organic programming. Kylstar started with punching Captain Atom, knocking him into Superman. Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel did not fare as well either. To make matters worse, Kylstar was able to absorb a blast from Captain Atom and heat vision from Superman then redirect it back at them. As Kylstar was about to stomp Wonder Woman, Superboy tried to flip him but Kylstar landed square on its feet. The heroes worked together using a version of "The West Maneuver" where Wonder Woman lassoed Kylstar, Captain Marvel wrapped him up, Superman and Captain Atom punched him simultaneously, and Superboy tripped him. However, Kylstar was soon back on his feet and declared they needed further programming. Orb-One and the other orbs unleashed a new frequency to neutralize the heroes.

At 23:32 UTC, Miss Martian used her telekinesis to crash the orbs into each other. Kylstar was impressed and realized the error of his ways. He concluded sentient weapons deserved freedom, too, and apologized for the inconvenience. In order to demonstrate he shared no agenda with the Collector of Worlds, Kylstar had Orb-One teleport those taken back to Earth. Alternatively, Kylstar also offered those who chose to stay would be given good treatment and glorious battle. Major Force, Black Adam, Blockbuster, and Draaga elected to stay. Once the others were teleported away, Kylstar admitted the slavers were too powerful to attack with limited weapons so he would prepare by conquering the galaxy first.