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Real Identity: Despero
Appearances: Cornered, The Hunt, and Intervention
Powers/Skills: Telepathy, Enhanced Strength, Invulnerability, and Unarmed Combat
Voiced By:

Despero is a warlord who travels across the universe in search of other warriors to defeat and prove his superiority to all life forms. He managed to conquer 92 star systems and took the heads of his opponents. Despero is aided by a robot named L-Ron who seeks out new planets to conquer. Despite his third eye having a telepathic ability, Despero only uses it against those who he would not fairly engage in physical combat, such as children, magic users and those with no enhanced abilities. On April 1st, 00:16 UTC, Team Year Six, Despero was infuriated Earth's four greatest champions were offworld under the protectionism of the Green Lanterns. L-Ron placated him with knowledge of many other worthy warriors on Earth. At 21:24 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), L-Ron appeared and raised a shield around the Hall of Justice. Despero was teleported down from his vessel. He immediately drop kicked Captain Marvel then neutralized Zatanna with telepathy. Despero easily beat Captain Marvel and Superboy in combat.

Miss Martian was unwilling to use her telepathy to defeat Despero. Captain Marvel attempted to neutralize him with Shazam's lightning but Despero was unaffected. He grabbed Billy Batson and neutralized him with telepathy. L-Ron turned Despero's focus back to Superboy. Despero proceeded to take Superboy's head but Bumblebee blasted him. He was annoyed and used telepathy on her, as well. One of her blasts inadvertently hit his third eye. After pausing from the sting, Despero was about to stomp Bumblebee but Mal Duncan intervened in the Guardian's armor. Duncan played a dangerous game of keep away with Despero while Miss Martian and Superboy came up with a new plan.

Despero was intrigued by Duncan. More so when L-Ron realized he wasn't listed in the Krolotean database. Miss Martian played along and bowed to Duncan before taking Superboy away. Despero fell for the ruse and attacked Duncan. Superboy came to and collapsed the floor beneath Despero and Duncan. Miss Martian got to Zatanna. Zatanna regained consciousness and possessed Duncan's body. She then exposed Despero to his own telepathic attack. Superboy then socked Despero. Angered by the poor sportsmanship, L-Ron detonated and destroyed the Hall of Justice. Despero was recovered and taken into the custody of the Reach. Between May 26th and May 27th, Despero was placed in a stasis chamber in the Warworld.