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Real Identity: Slade Wilson
Affiliation(s): The Light
Appearances: True Colors, The Fix, Complications, The Hunt, Intervention, and Summit
Powers/Skills: Above Average Reflexes, Armed Combat, Unarmed Combat, and Marksmanship
Voiced By: Wentworth Miller and Fred Tatasciore

In July, Team Year Five, Deathstroke and Sportsmaster were sent by the Light to Kord Industries in El Paso to take the Scarab. Blue Beetle made sure they didn't but lost his life. In Team Year Six, following the death of Artemis, Deathstroke was recruited by the Light to be its new chief enforcer. He secretly planned to join the Light's ranks. On April 9th, 07:12 Indochina Time (ICT), Team Year Six, Deathstroke prevented Sportsmaster from harming Black Manta. Sportsmaster fled the scene with Cheshire. Later in the day, Deathstroke was partnered with Tigress by Black Manta to capture Miss Martian. At 06:20 Central Daylight Time (CDT), they ambushed Miss Martian and Lagoon Boy in Chicago in the junkyard where a Zeta-Tube was hidden. Once Lagoon Boy radioed for help, Deathstroke moved fast to neutralize him. After Lagoon Boy was injured by debris, Deathstroke punched him out. Deathstroke and Tigress boarded the Manta Flyer with Miss Martian and returned to the Manta Sub.

Deathstroke was then tasked with following the Manta Sub from a safe distance in the Manta Flyer away from the Miss Martian's psychic range. From the Flyer, he monitored Miss Martian's progress and possessed the trigger that would detonate the explosive charge in her Proprietary Collar. At Black Manta's orders, Deathstroke then deactivated part of the collar and allowed Miss Martian to use her telepathy to fix Kaldur'ahm. On May 27th, Deathstroke boarded the Manta Sub once it became clear it was under attack. He and Tigress attacked Sportsmaster and Cheshire before they could escape. However, he was no match for Miss Martian's abilities. She used her telekinesis to shove Deathstroke into Tigress then made her own escape. On May 30th, Deathstroke boomed to the Warworld and used a Father Box to steal the Crystal Key. Just before start of the June 19th summit, Kaldur'ahm took out Deathstroke. Miss Martian took on his appearance and assumed his place. When Artemis and Kaldur'ahm were outed, 'Deathstroke' shot and killed them both. Once Kaldur'ahm's recording shattered the Light's alliance with the Reach, Miss Martian revealed herself.