Black Spider

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Real Identity: Eric Needham
Affiliation(s): League of Shadows
Appearances: Infiltrator and Insecurity
Appearances (Comics): Hack and You Shall Find and By Hook or By Web
Powers/Skills: Web Secretion, Wall Crawling, Unarmed Combat, and Above Average Acrobatics
Voiced By: Josh Keaton

Eric Needham became the Black Spider and a member of the League of Shadows. Black Spider's trademark is a web-like substance that he shoots from his wrists to immobilize his targets.

On July 8th, Black Spider was one of four assassins assigned to murder chief officers of companies with business ties to Project Cadmus. On July 9th, 19:54 Central Daylight Time (CDT), he and the Hook appeared in Central City to assassinate a CEO named Selena Gonzalez. He was defeated with a two pronged strategy. Kid Flash distracted him by tossing several bottles of Ka Pow Energy Drink at him while Robin got close enough to his web shooter. Robin manipulated the device and the build up of pressure caused the webbing to burst out and encase Black Spider. While on route to a maximum holding facility, he and the Hook escaped custody. On August 8th, he was routed to Happy Harbor to prevent Dr. Serling Roquette from uploading a virus designed to neutralize the Shadows' latest weapon. He was defeated by Kid Flash and turned over to the authorities. He escaped before he could be transported to Belle Reve.

On December 4th, Black Spider appeared in Star City to assassinate Bernell Jones. He pulled Jones from his daughter's bedroom and dropped him to his death. Green Arrow and Artemis saved Jones then fought Black Spider. Artemis took the lead. She froze his webbing then neutralized him with a net arrow.