Whisper A'Daire

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Real Identity: Whisper A'Daire
Affiliation(s): Intergang
Appearances: Disordered and Salvage
Powers/Skills: Armed Combat
Voiced By: Grey DeLisle

Whisper A'Daire is one of Intergang's top lieutenants and is a manipulative, seductive woman in her own right. On October 23rd, she and Ugly Mannheim attempted to rob the Metropolis Federal Reserve of its gold bullion. Superboy, Wolf, and the Forever People crashed the heist. Whisper fought with a pair of whips, of Apokoliptian design. Infinity-Man destroyed the whips and captured her. Intergang left her behind. Dreamer used her telepathic powers on Whisper to learn the gang's benefactor was DeSaad. Over five years later, on February 13th, she and Manheim took control of the Appellaxian Host Bodies in the Hall of Justice and combined them into a Golem. A'Daire was later put into a nonresponsive state by Sportsmaster as a warning to those who conspired to stray from the Light.