August 25, 2015
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Mr. and Mrs. Terrill

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Real Identity: Richard and Grace Terrill
Appearances (Freedom Fighters: The Ray): Episode 3, Episode 6 (Mr. Terrill only), Episode 8, Episode 9, and The Movie (Mrs. Terrill only)
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Bruce Thomas and Colleen O'Shaughnessy

Richard and Grace Terrill are a married couple in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They had two sons, Michael and Ray, and have conservative beliefs. They were proud of Michael for making a real difference when he elected to join the United States Marine Corps after he lost his football scholarship. However, he was killed in action by an IED in Afghanistan. Eight years later, their second son, Ray, still lived with them and struggled to come out to them and reveal he was gay. On a Wednesday night, they gathered for a meat loaf dinner. Mrs. Terrill asked about his co-worker, Jenny Knight, who she found lovely and wanted to find a nice girl like that. Terrill couldn't come out to them and instead revealed he lost his job after the whole department was shut down. Mr. Terrill thought it was a blessing in disguise and it could be the push he needed to find a real job like his brother. Terrill sneaked out of the house to join his boyfriend Jacob. Mrs. Terrill went to the window and saw them leave together. He suspected she might know and was waiting for him to admit he was homosexual so she could send him to a conversion camp.

Mr. Terrill wanted to use the bathroom but it was occupied. Ray Terrill finished up with treating a bullet wound he suffered while stopping a bank robbery as the Ray. Mr. Terrill noticed blood, bandages, scissors, tape, and peroxide on the counter. He lied and said he got hurt during a pick up basketball game with John Trujillo and some other friends from work. Mr. Terrill was happy to hear he played and patted him on his shoulder where he was shot. Terrill got a phone call and excused himself. After returning home from helping stop a giant robot in Detroit, Mrs. Terrill asked him where he was. Ray replied he was out with new friends and lost track of time. She inquired what kind. He insisted they weren't the bad kind. Mrs. Terrill reminded him he could tell her anything and she loved him completely without conditions. The house suddenly felt a rumble. Ray told her to stay put while he ran upstairs. Mr. Terrill left a room and asked if there was an earthquake. Ray told him to head downstairs. He entered his room and found Overgirl with the Neuro-Cortex.

Ray Terrill realized he had to do the right thing. He returned home and told his parents he was going to leave town for a little while. They wondered if he was attacked because of his new friends. He denied getting jumped because he was gay but admitted he was gay. Mrs. Terrill spoke for both of them that they were happy as long as he was. Mr. Terrill added they were proud of him because he grew up right. He asked if they wished he grew up to be like Michael. She countered they were both exceptional and never wanted him to be anyone other than himself. They hugged. Ray thanked them and told them he loved them. Ray returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and asked Cisco Ramon for help in finding a way to Earth-X.